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The State of Australia’s Property Market

Is Mark Bouris optimistic on property?  Mark Bouris recently sat down with Peter Switzer to discuss the state of the property market and important changes to borrowing regulations. Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road (YBR), one of the most significant players in the mortgage market in Australia. Switzer asked Bouris to explain the role YBR plays in lending and the magnitude of their lending: "Definitely for the last five or six years, we've settled in excess [...]

What Business Opportunity Made Mark Bouris Sell his Family Home?

When Mark Bouris launched Wizard Home Loans in 1996, he didn't know he was going to go on to sell the business for over $500 million. Now, looking back on his experience, he says that one of his biggest learnings was needing to back yourself when an opportunity arises. Mark shares how he was presented with the opportunity to sponsor the NSW State of Origin team. Unfortunately, Wizard's budget did not have any wiggle room, but Mark knew it was too good [...]

How to Improve Your Customer Service

How to Improve your Customer Service Providing quality customer service is one of the most powerful assets in a business. Your role as a business owner is to service the customer, to not only keep them coming back, but to have customers be a mouthpiece for your business as well. Customers are always craving pleasurable experiences, so you need to do all you can to provide that. Mark Bouris recently shared his own experience with quality customer service at a local Harvey [...]

Mark Bouris loses it at Federal Budget coverage

Mark Bouris says that delivering a budget in the middle of a global pandemic might just be "the toughest gig in the world." During his budget announcement speech, Josh Frydenberg said that Covid-19 had turned “fundamentally sound businesses into loss-making businesses” so “In order to keep their workers, these businesses need our help now,” the treasurer said. “They cannot wait years for the tax system to catch up.” “In a modern economy, workers and businesses need to adapt. So should our tax [...]

What the Budget means for small to medium businesses

What the Budget means for small to medium businesses October 7, 2020 The 2020 Federal Budget announcement is being hailed as the most important budget since World War II.  In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, stimulatory spending will reach never before seen levels. The Federal Government is hoping to stimulate both the economy and consumer confidence with a spending package designed to promote confidence in the private sector.  The two most important measures for business owners are the expansion of [...]

Mark Bouris proposes “out-there” policy to support SME’s

October 5, 2020 Before the budget: Mark Bouris' Predictions Mark Bouris has called for the Australian government to direct their attention towards the SME community in tonight’s budget announcement.  One of the key expectations in the upcoming budget announcement will be the future of JobKeeper payments. According to Mr Bouris, JobKeeper has done its job, but it isn’t sustainable, and the government will have to start focusing on specific industries more in need than others. “There has to be a [...]

Pre-Budget Announcements; Help for Small Business

The help for Small Business before the 2020/21 Budget September 29, 2020 With the Federal Budget only a week away, we’re starting to see a number of significant policy announcements that herald a big shift in economic decision making. Facing a $225 billion deficit, stimulatory infrastructure spending and tax cuts have been signalled ahead of the budget, and while these measures will play an important part in our economic recovery, they don’t do enough to help Australia’s small business community. [...]

There’s more to say (AND DO!) after R U OK? – Dr Suzy Green

There's more to say (AND DO!) after RU OK? Today is RU OK Day here in Australia (and World Suicide Prevention Day). This year I was delighted to see in the marketing campaign additional encouragement and support about what to say next if someone isn’t feeling well. The video above has some great examples of the little things we can all do not just today but any day: “I’m here to listen” or “What can I do right now to [...]

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