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How to Improve your Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is one of the most powerful assets in a business. Your role as a business owner is to service the customer, to not only keep them coming back, but to have customers be a mouthpiece for your business as well. Customers are always craving pleasurable experiences, so you need to do all you can to provide that.

Mark Bouris recently shared his own experience with quality customer service at a local Harvey Norman – proof that going the extra distance is integral.

So what can you do to improve your customer service?

1. Know your product and know your business. Understand why you started the business, why it’s so important to you, what your product is all about. It’s easier to sell something you believe in.

2.Train your staff to understand your business, your product, the clientele, as well as the industry or you’ll fall behind. To ensure you’re doing it better than everyone else, train with your staff, have them learn from you.

3. Practice dealing with difficult customers. There will always be certain situations that can’t be helped and times where the customer might have an unpleasant experience no matter how hard you try. Maintaining a cool, calm attitude and treating the customer with respect even when they are being difficult is critical in tense moments. To ensure that all your staff are onboard with this positive approach to difficult situations, you must practice.

4. When errors are made, mentor your staff. We’re all human. Your staff will make mistakes. Offer advice, discuss errors with them, ask them how they feel they went. Being overly critical creates unnecessary tension.

5. Encourage a positive culture. Rapport with your staff may be the biggest influence on how they deal with customers. A positive culture within the business will help in all aspects of running your business, including the quality of customer service provided by your business.

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