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Mark Bouris says that delivering a budget in the middle of a global pandemic might just be “the toughest gig in the world.”

During his budget announcement speech, Josh Frydenberg said that Covid-19 had turned “fundamentally sound businesses into loss-making businesses” so “In order to keep their workers, these businesses need our help now,” the treasurer said. “They cannot wait years for the tax system to catch up.”

“In a modern economy, workers and businesses need to adapt. So should our tax system.”

Mark Bouris said that not only does our tax system need to adapt, but our “entire economy policy” with it:

“We need initiatives outside the norm. We need policy that’s never been seen before. No budget has ever ticked all the boxes for everyone, and it’s doubtful any budget ever will, so let’s focus on the task at hand: getting businesses cash, incentivising the private sector to employ, and bolstering consumer sentiment.”

“This budget, mercifully, avoids all the fear-mongering and alarmist bullshit we’ve seen from all sectors of politics and media recently. Don’t let net debt figures scare you or meaningless debates about who said what or when.”

“The truth is, no budget before or likely after will compare to this. During the GFC, global economic downturn was 0.1%. This year it’s predicted to be 4.5%. There’s no simple comparison here. We need spending on a scale we haven’t seen and we’ve got it. We need to wait and see how these measures are implemented, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re seeing real leadership and initiative right now. It’s a step in the right direction, let’s hope it stays that way.”

Bouris says that the media response to the budget announcement is out of touch with the reality of the situation.

He said, “What happened to old fashioned gratitude? What happened to our ability to see the good amongst the whole?”

“More and more I notice the utter lack of gratitude these days. Instead many feel compelled to argue for the sake of it, to criticise based on political lines, or just bag the shit out of those who have stood up for the job of running this country. Are we really that desperate for some relevance?”

“The media have taken it upon themselves to be the arbiter of all common sense and to tell us what is right. Where is their mandate? What’s their agenda? Did you vote for them? HA I know I certainly didn’t. News doesn’t just have to be negative.”

Let’s debate and discuss the important issues like adults, but let’s do it with a bit more old fashioned respect and gratitude.”

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