Mentored Specialist Partnership

Are you a specialist in your field? Do you think you can add value to our SME community?

Advertise you and your brand, increase awareness and generate leads with a Mentored Specialists Partnership

Our Specialists Partnership provides an opportunity to build your profile and present your product or service to our membership base through the form of Masterclasses and live events.

A Partnership offers a variety of opportunities to promote your content asset and generate leads in your business.

What is a Mentored Specialists Partnership?

Sharing knowledge and improving our members’ business skills is our goal, and Partnerships are a key part of this.

Working closely alongside your existing strategy, our Specialists Partnership will allow you to promote a specific asset to our membership base.

We already work with a range of specialists from across a wide range of sectors including Finance, Marketing, Sales etc.

Our database offers huge potential to generate leads for your business because our members are always looking for new ways to upskill.

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