Too many people avoid the real conversations, so I wanted to regularly sit down and get to know people, understand what makes them tick and share the great and unusual things they’re doing. There’s no sugar coating. There’s no hiding behind fancy marketing slogans. Just an honest conversation with me, Mark Bouris.


Ahead of Israel Adesanya’s next fight in March, coach Eugene Bareman sat down virtually with Mark Bouris to chat through the lessons from his upbringing, including how he teaches them to his fighters, why champions need to have absolute tunnel vision for their goals, and the value of being challenged and told you can’t do something.


Tired of seeing over-polished and scripted talk shows and interviews, Mark and his team launched a series of social media videos called ‘Straight Talk’. The series was aimed to touch on key issues bothering Mentored’s community and Mark himself.

In 2020, Mark extended Straight Talk into a new video podcast, aimed at breaking through the short attention span of audiences and surface level discussions generated in our society.