Straight Talk Interviews is about sitting down with experts from a range of industries, getting to understand them, and discussing some of the key issues Australian’s are facing.

There’s no sugar coating. There’s no hiding behind fancy slogans. There’s no BS.

ALL NEW  – Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce OAM is one of Rugby League’s greats, a leader and an innovator – joins Mark to share his insights to help you become a better leader.

Tired of seeing the over-polished and scripted nature of many online content, Mark Bouris launched a series of social media videos called ‘Straight Talk’ which aimed to touch on key issues bothering Mentored’s business community and Mark himself.

Mark said, “Too many people avoid the real conversations, so I wanted to regularly sit down and give relevant information to my audience in a no-nonsense matter.”

“There’s so much content out there for people, it can be difficult to sift through and pick out the key bits of relevant information. So I wanted to extend my social series into a longer format.”