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I have been running my own business for over 10 years called Business Simplicity in which I am a registered BAS agent and Management Accountant offering bookkeeping, business advisory and coaching services. I started my second business with my husband 3 years ago called Berger Transport of which we have grown to two trucks now and intend to keep growing. I started my third business Bookkeepers Support just over a year ago offering coaching, training and retreats to fellow bookkeepers supporting them into their own business. We have 2 staff members and are continually expanding and moving our businesses forward. I love to help small business to succeed with as much guidance and support as I can give. I know how tough it is to run a business and to have a dream you want to see come true. I am also a mum of 2 daughters that keeps me super busy, so organisation is absolutely key!

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My business is as a sub contractor how can I move forward from this

I am 60 years of age and was bought up on a farm and worked it with my father until i was 19 in conjunction with a contracting and trucking business . Then my Father was taken from us suddenly as a result of medical state he was left from being a crown witness , then I was to young back then to obtain a loan to buy anything or get finance due to the law at i could vote but was not 21 so could not get finance or sign legal documents . So i did what you did in the 70s you worked and saved and bought so I went out shearing to buy my dads trucks and a grader off the estate all the time they were working doing shire and M R D work I did that for the next 30 years and built up a business on my own doing the same then my mum had to have housing and my sister was still in school and my older brother was still in a apprenticeship so could not help me and i did it on my own finances and built it up until my mum got Alzheimer and i sold up and cared for her for 7 years until she died then i had to get a job and i worked for several companies with nothing full time then i got a job driving a car carrier and fell from the top deck after slipping on rollers , and did damage to my back and hips , got a small pay out and decided to purchase a truck as i am unemployable due to my accident then the only work i have been able to find is sub contract work on projects with a firm known as Australian Civil Haulage , that are sub contractors to the major contractors and they set the rates and there is no negotiating and the alternative as I try to expand into a working small business in the Perth hills is proving extremely hard to get financed even though it has the books proving success and yet i need the sub contract work to keep going to keep a amount to pay the fuel bill and a small amount of a wage so my question is how can I move forward before i am shut down and made to take a part 9 or worse bankrupt , when i know the hills business is sustainable and by keeping the tipper it can work at good rates and value add by adding to the business offering further services at full rates not sub contract to sub contractor with a work at my rate or dont work at all and i be able to build on the business and on sell it in 5 to 7 years time

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For Matt Lancashire: how did you get out of debt?

I saw a segment in which Matt emphasised the importance of training in his changing his working in his business. He also mentioned that he was in debt with two credit cards and a small loan at the time he sought the training - identical to my current situation: in all over $1000 in repayments per month. Some friends have suggested I try to get a consolidation loan but I am a bit reluctant - I just don't want the hassle at this time as I have less than $6000 on the loan with monthly payments of $500 and not much monthly interest accruing at this time. The credit cards are coming down too with regularly monthly payments I keep above the min amount to pay back. but the debts remain hugely inhibiting.

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How can you secure a loan for a truck without a deposit.

My husband has been offered a five year contract with an option for another five by a large and reputable company but we have to buy a $178 000 truck. We do not have our own home and we do not have money laying around as my husband has been unemployed for the last six months. The truck is for an existing drinks delivery run and the contract is generous and includes the cost of the repayments and running costs of the truck but we are having great difficulty getting anyone to look at us. How can you go about getting finance in this sort of situation?

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Meet the Mentor - Kelly Berger

The first in our Meet the Mentor series starts with Kelly Berger, busy owner and operator of no less than three businesses, in two very diverse fields. Learn more about how Kelly can help you. Read more.

Kelly Berger | 18 December 2018

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