Project Description

In early 2020, Mark Bouris launched ‘Fighter Month’ on the Mentored Podcast, where Mark sat down with some of the great combat sports champions in Australia.

Mark said, “I have had the view for a long time that athletic champions who compete on the world stage are switched on physically AND intellectually. So for this month I’ve brought in some of the best fighters Australia has right now, to discuss the business of fighting.”

We start with UFC World Featherweight Champion, @alexvolkanovski. Picking up MMA in 2011, Alex has risen to the top of the world.

He passes on what has got him to where he is now, how he plans to stay there, and why his willingness to adapt to any situation is a mindset that any business person needs to have.

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Clips from the Show

They key trait of our Aussie world champ.

Mark Bouris said: “This is why Alex Volkanovski is the perfect representative of Australia – he understands the value of hard work. He lives and breathes the grind. There is no substitute. When you combine talent, skill and humility with hard work – you have a potent combination that can rise to any occasion.

I’ve always said to be in business, you have to love the grind. When shit hits the fan you can’t turn around and say ‘ah this is too hard’.

You’ve got switch on and go again.”