Time is what we crave, it’s our most valuable resource, but we inevitably waste it.

When it comes to improving your time management, a key step is auditing yourself to find out how you really spend your day.

The first step is to keep track of a full week of work, either manually by making diary entries or using apps like ‘Rescue Time’ or ‘Toggl’. These are great tools to help you keep a register of every step of your day, compiling your week into an easily digestible report.

At the end of the week, analyse the reports these apps give you and then wake up to yourself. Remove the wasted tasks. Outsource or delegate what you can.

There’s no point going through your audit to go back to your old habits in two weeks time. Once you’ve culled emailing down from 2 hours a day, to 20 minutes, find yourself an organisational aid like ‘Monday.com’ for total planning control of your day and tasks. Keeping to a healthy daily structure, by using tools such as monday.com, is a great way to hold yourself accountable to the resolutions you make to improve how you work.

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