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At the heart of Mentored Services is our Playbook for Success. All Mentored Services are delivered using the Mentored Playbook.

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Ask a Mentor

We listened to the many calls for help so we've improved our Ask system so that business owners can get answers fast. All of our Mentors have been verified as experts in specific fields.


Sell a Business

Our foundation is business sales, at Mentored we have a national team of business sales professionals, the no.1 technology to match our database of national and International buyers and investors.


Find Your Why 

Why you are in business? It’s about what you can do for your customers. You need to continually revisit your purpose. What are we doing here?

One on One Mentoring

The foundation program using the Mentored Playbook is our business mentoring and consulting program. Using our unique 10 step guide we help business owners build a better business.

Business Readiness

Business readiness is about being ready no matter what. We work with business owners to put their business in a readiness phase for finance, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, retirement. Be ready when the opportunity strikes, get your business into the readiness phase.


Asset Protection

Asset Protection is about using best business practices and structures to create barriers between your assets and the risks faced by your business, or even by yourself personally.

Group Mentoring

Our group mentoring connects like-minded business owners in non-competing board style mentoring group. Choose to meet bi-monthly or monthly, create strength in relationships using our group mentoring program.

Buy a Business

If you're looking to buy a business then why not talk to one of our team to help negotiate and do the business checks. You wouldn't buy a car without checking the log books so why buy a business with your eyes closed. Talk to an industry professional and best of all we can typically save our customer at least 15-20% on the transaction value.

Product & Pricing

Before launching any new business or new product or service you need to research your chosen niche to confirm that there is a market and that people are willing to pay to learn more


This is a crucial action step in your businesses journey whether you are a new start-up, still in the early growth stage or a mature business.




If your business is just a one-man band, you don’t really have a business at all, you’ve got a job where you work for yourself. And that’s more than enough for a lot of people. But the point is; if you really want to grow your business, then you can’t do it all by yourself.

Finance & Funding

If you are really serious about growing your business – unless you are fortunate enough to have a substantial amount of cash or liquid assets available to fund your business, you’ll have to embrace funding.



Over twenty-five (25) years experience in business and ten (10) years experience in the financial planning, finance, and franchise industries. Previously the largest multi franchise owner for a well known Australian franchisor and public company. Over a ten (10) year period, Matthew and his team grew a finance book to more than $900 million. In 2011/2012, Matthew sold this highly awarded combined finance, financial planning and franchise businesses for a record price, still held today. Prior to this Matthew built and sold 2 successful businesses in logistics and importing.


Between 2012 and 2015, Matthew worked as acquisitions manager and director on behalf of several public investment companies. In 2015 Matthew decided to create his own full-service brokerage and joined the Mentored team to create, Mentored Sales Sydney.