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Young people starting a business

I am a 16 year old and have put together a business plan using all the tips I have taken whilst watching Mr Bourice the apprentice and on the past episodes on the mentor! As a young person I have searched to find grants/funding through the govt but they don’t seem to over any help! Could you direct me on wether there is finding available for young people starting up a business! Any tips on starting up my business would be very much appreciated! I would like to take the right steps to setting up a successful business! Thank you

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Hi Cheryl, great question. It's never been my MO to discourage people from starting a business, but at your age I think I should make an exception. Looking back at my own experiences, I worked in a number of jobs during my teenage years and into my 20s before starting my first business and If I had my time again I would make the same choice. The reason being, is I learnt so much from the people I worked for; I watched the good and bad decisions unfold and I observed the different management styles and traits that I would want to emulate myself one day. The other reason, is because of what you just mentioned - don't rely too much on what the govt. can provide you - because they mostly take money out of your pocket mate (taxes). Not saying you have to wait as long as I did, but get some experience under your belt, save some money and I guarantee, by your mid 20s you'll be in a far better position to give it a crack. Part of my job as The Mentor is to sometimes talk people out of bad decisions. Good luck Cheryl - you seem like a go-getter! Mark

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