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Exit Strategy?

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Have listened for the last 15 years about shortage of apprentices, government does not seemed to have done a lot with TAFE reduced, will you be addressing this issue? Good staff a problem for many businesses throughout Australia. Thanks.

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Subcontract out or employ?

We are a husband and wife cleaning company I would like the business to Work for me and reduce The working hours i do by Employing a subcontractor Or employee. Where do i look and how do i prevent them taking my work on for themselves Any advice would be appreciated Expecting an influx of work in the new financial year. Thanks Sandra

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How do i get my employees to get along and do the correct job?

My employees have incorrectly installed high end kitchens on many occasions, it has cost me time and money, it seems to repeat, they have been working for me many years. they are well aware of how many mistakes they make, I have tried to replace them although cannot find anyone that is right for the job. any suggestions?

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My shop has relocated

How do I let people know I have moved location from a shopping centre to an off location around the corner.My regulars know as I did flyers in bags a month before but I am in a tourist town an the winter influx will start arriving as I am in the Whitsundays.The shopping centre would not let me leave a sign in my empty shop window.I have changed my google settings etc,advertised in our paper, facebooked ,notice boards in town and still I hear I thought you had gone .

Start Up

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How do we expand our business

We have a great Business foundation & would like to expand it & create more revenue & also free up some time for leisure.

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How do I expand my businesses

I run 2 businesses in Toowoomba, Queensland. I am a Primary School Japanese teacher and I have written 3 Japanese text books, I have implemented them in two of the schools I work at, I would like to implement them Australia wide, and would like some advice on how I would proceed to do this. My second business is an inbound Tour Operator. We have several Japanese schools that through us have a two week experience within an Australian school. We look after the group from airport arrival until airport departure. We organise the itinerary in conjunction with the host school, teach English, organise host family placements and excursions and school integrations. We are hoping to branch out to Sydney and Melbourne in offering student exchange for Japanese and other nationality students. We would like to offer this to other countries and also include intellectually disabled students an exchange experience.

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How to get a mentor

Hi I have spent 3 years designing and developing affordable housing and building affordable homes and granny flats, it has not been easy but i am at the stage now that we have mastered the product, footings and now provide installation and we are having no problem with council approval, Moving forward i am now scared to push the business as i am a female and do this entire business alone. Business is now starting to pick up cause i am letting it, but need help from here, How to get into a position to hire more staff to help, How to let go and hand over the sales side of things when i have the entire home. building, sales, finances, installation, benefits, etc etc in my head rather than on paper to teach someone else, i am so busy i dont have time to teach, i dont know how to promote, i am not so good at content writing but i know everything about the homes i have designed , where to from here?

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How do I change the direction that we are in?

We are a timber flooring Company, based in the Hills Districts of Sydney. We have been in the industry since 1983. We are family owned and operated. However, my husband does not want to let go or change the way we are. He is stuck in a hole it is hard to find staff who want to work in our trade.

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How do I get my children enrolled in my dance studio.

We have a dance Studio and want to build up our students.

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Where can I find quality people for our pool and landscaping Operations

Tried all kinds of local employment agencies, Seek, IPA, Facebook.. In search of Cad designers, leading hands for landscaping and in general more thinkers, and creative people... seems like the bug smoke is where they all want to live..Interested to hear your thoughts. Want to find people we can train, learn the trade.... In Bundaberg Qld 4670