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Exit Strategy?

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We are struggling to find a cost effective CRM for a small business wanting to Franchise, with 2 failed attempts already

We have spent approx $26,000 already with 2 CRM systems that have not worked for us. It seems they have not really listened to our needs, have many glitches right from the start or data just disappears & we are back to double handling information. Front line staff have lost faith & We are back to using a manual booking method for our job scheduling & Outlook. As Business management we are pulling our hair out as its a timely exercise with meetings then training, costs only to find they fail miserably. We are looking for a simple to follow job scheduling, calendar, photo or plan uploads for users, timesheets, 'outlook' integrated, Many users capability with restrictions & able to roll over into an accounting software like MYOB to save time in accounts with invoicing (if possible) We would consider changing to Xero if it worked more effectively with the system. It needs to be able to work on laptop, tablet & mobile. Cloud based & cost effective. Any suggestions of Brands or Apps for the job booking service in construction Industry with good reviews would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Mentor !!!!

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I have built this site

I have built this site and it is in a stalemate mode due to lack of competent business direction and web and app development expertise , How can I get this off the ground

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How do I get my product onto shop shelves?

I manufacture an all natural healing balm I go to markets and sell in some stores but how do I get it out into a bigger market place such as a chemist or being used in a hospital where it would be most effective?

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ideas that sound good. No money. No partners, yet. What next to get started

Yes, would be good to develop current business, but I am more excited about other opportunities that I consider are new and might attract involvement by other interested parties. My questions relate across several areas.

Start Up

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Patents and protection

I have Australian Patent, Design registration and Trademark, and concerned that my application with PCT is not done yet. My product has just launched in Australia. Word of it, through social media, making it known in the US, Canada, UK etc. My question is, should the priority be to get the application with PCT finalised ASAP to give me 30 month initial protection or use the funds to market in Australia?

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How do I sell myself?

How do I separate myself from the being artist to the being the seller? Under valuing the costs/time in the product.

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Engineering in Australia

My husband and i have been running an engineering family business for 30 years specializing in good quality australian built products but have issues ranging from human resources, stock management through to the common cash flow problems that i need to sort out but need direction and clarification on how to address these issues. The hardest thing that we as a business have struggled to overcome is the fact that importers that can sell a cheap nasty product less then we can purchase raw materials. Any suggestions would be appreciated Kind Regards,

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Selling the product....not how it's made

Most client's are more interested in how I've made it.... then they assume it's an import from is the most frustrating question " how do you do this" thing about my product

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Selling the product....not how it's made

Most client's are more interested in how I've made it.... then they assume it's an import from is the most frustrating question " how do you do this" Then to top it off... "better homes and garden" put my product on TV and have someone else claim they've made it! Far Nth Queensland is small...especially when locals know the product! My mobile was ringing hot...

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How do I market an online platform

My son and his business partner have designed a web platform to engage people to have a Will and enduring power of attorney. It’s (by express group). I’ve been watching Mr Bouris on The Mentor and was hoping on behalf of the boys you might be able to engage with them on how to let the community know about it. It has been a long project for them and now I feel everything I can do to help would be a bonus. Kerrie Malouf 0418799399