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Exit Strategy?

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How do i make my projects appealling? I have 8 x units for sale ( brand new) and i have received 1 x enquiry in 24 hours..

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How to secure coffee meetings with Strata Managers?

Strata managers are our target market. However, we find they’re rather challenging to connect with and build mutually beneficial relationships with. Any suggestions on the most effective and efficient strategy would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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Choosing a business name...

I am in the process of establishing a bookkeeping, payroll processing and accounts preparation business (working with a Registered Tax Agent who then lodges the return if required). I am struggling to come up with a business name I'm happy with. I would like to keep it generic in case I decide to become a Registered Tax Agent down the track. I don't want to use my own name so the business can have its own identity. Please help!

Start Up

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Starting a Counselling Practice

I am currently working as a Support Worker for people with disabilities. I recently completed a Bachelor Degree in Counselling. Ideally I'd like to run a counselling practice where people can overcome problems like anxiety depression and behaviour change that lasts a bit longer than 6 weeks. I feel like I can't compete against psychologists who have a medicare provider number. I'm doing a postgraduate in psychology with the hope to get a provider number. I'd still have to do another three years of study. I'm 53. I've seen other counsellors do well without a provider number. My house isn't good enough for clients to have here for counselling sessions. I have had one counselling client since November he is doing very well now and contacts me once a month to check in. He isn't paying. My job that kind of pays the bills is only casual and I earn about $700 -$900 a week. My morgage is $310 a week my bills are around $250 a week. Not including food. I feel like I'm stuck chasing my tail. I feel like I need help to work on my counselling practice as a business not just an idea.

Start Up

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Starting out in business how do I find clients?

I have an enormous passion and knowledge of my business and the products i have on offer. I have attempted to run programs to generate business but had not interest at all. I don't have much money to input to advertising as i am a single mum currently on parenting payment but i so want to change this situation for me and my children I have applied for other jobs to help cover my business costs but due to school and kinder hours I am not having any success in gaining employment. I did a diploma and a certificate to help me get into this line of work but found that I'm still not qualified enough for employment so this is why i want to go out on my own and fill the neich in the mental health area. I have so much life experience and a real understanding and i just want to get myself out there and start helping people. Please any advice at all will be taken on board and so appreciated. Regards ANNALISE

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How do i grow my business to the next level?

We've had the business for close to 8 years now and in that time from my point of view I don't think it has grown anywhere near enough. I feel like we should be growing more and getting bigger. There seems to be this barrier that I am finding very difficult to overcome and I believe it is to do with marketing. What are some marketing strategies? How do you do good marketing? I have always found marketing the hardest thing to do. I have ran plenty of Facebook and Google Ads with very specific targeting to our target market but I'm not getting the results I want.

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Search Engine Optimisation

I’m so swamped with information on what to do with SEO for my online business. I have limited budget to spend but this is crucial. What’s your main bit of advice for SEO for online stores ?

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How would you advise the best way to get out of obscurity when you feel it's perceived your the same as all the others

Firstly thank you for the opportunity to engage like minded Professionals such as those represented within this forum. Just over 1 year ago I was approached and encouraged to start my own company selling and supporting a solution that I almost walked away from due to the conditions I was under working for someone who also represents the same solution within a dealer capacity. The company that's responsible for the product and solution operates via a dealer framework within Australia. Within just 12 months I have managed to achieve the highest level of accreditation awarded by the company and by all measures have exceeded expectations however I find myself operating in an industry that is flooded by competitors all claiming to be the best at what they do. Unfortunately the industry I operate in is currently unregulated and until this changes I feel I'm responsible for further education on related topics to ensure Australian businesses actually have the best opportunity 2 gainmthe ROI attainable from this solution. I have picked clients that upon engagement can justify the value proposition I represent and facilitate via my company however gaining new business is very hard and I feel it shouldn't be. In my experience perception is reality and I believe the perception most have that have a requirement for the solution I represent is that they're all the same and continually chase for who is prepared to offer it the cheapest. I have picked up nearly 1 new client every month that had previously with another supplier based on the fact they were the cheapest however during their contract they finally learnt that saying you can do something can sometimes greatly differ to actually doing something. Like most business owners I'm sure I'm also truly passionate about what it is I deliver but I'm at a point where I'm struggling to get my brand my service my point of difference my message out to those I know have a requirement for it directly. I and my future clients are forced to struggle through much before having the opportunity to meet directly allowing each to discuss their wants and needs listening to each other's requirements that allow qualification that the solution I represent would work well based on x y z being met. After the value proposition is realised on boarding deployment and the after sales service management process is easy it's just getting the opportunity to actually get to that point in the first place is very difficult and if I can receive any guidance or help relating to this I'd be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read my situation above, time is the most valuable commodity anyone can have in this world and is something that we can not ever get back so I'm mindful of what time I take from those engaged.

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How do i build our cleaning business to the next level

Been in business for 10 years want to move to thr next level We are online and local area marketing in gawler now how do a grow . Do you think email marketing is the way to go.

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How do I best promote my new website?

After closing the bricks and mortar store for our gift shop at the end of the lease due to non commercial viability of lease terms for proposed new lease, we have developed a website and it is very new only being online for 2 weeks now. We have invested in some SEO which we fully understand is a long term investment, but with the launch of the website, I am seeking advice on the best method to promote the site?