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Being a startup but have received a lot of interest to work with celebrities and major tv channel - how to raise capital

Hi, We have launched our product in Australia ($50 million market in Australia) and have been getting a good exposure through marketing. Our online sales are ok but increasing due to heavy social media advertising. But we still have not been able to enter retail space, its been 5 months since our product launch. We have had interest from celebrities and recently a major TV channel to be a part of their show, but the investment is huge - so how to raise such a capital in a short time. We see its like"chicken and egg" situation, if we don't do that we might not get such huge exposure and retail won't entertain us - as they have asked us to raise the brand awareness through marketing and advertising before the list us. But if we go ahead with TV channel then due to huge investment, we won't be able to recoup just through online sales. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Do you want the best TV show episode?

I have an eco friendly, non toxic, biodegradable replacement for toxic foam & powder fire fighting solutions. It fights all classes of fire and has been commodotised for different fire types to enable ease of use by young and old alike. Its an absolute game changer and will save lives. If Mark has the balls (and I believe he has) to take it to the Cartel that "own" the ANZ fire safety & extinguisher market, I'm game if he is!

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rapid growth

I delve into property ....I have a lump sum of $500,000 coming my way and I would like to make that into $2,000,000 in 3 years ...please give me some strategies ...Thank You Janet Stephens ....Property Valuer

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Hello. Why is it we can put Man on the Moon (and nearly Mars) and not prevent the 'common' ankle sprain in Elite Sport ?

I am putting a team together to commercialise the 'solution' after 20 + years of waiting for athletes to be understood as employees, and ankle protection a WHS right, not a Sponsorship opportunity. Ankle sprains now result in the single largest health cost globally for any injury, when you factor in arthritis and early death, with no incentive for the current players to change. A tape/brace hybrid that functions more like an 'air-bag' or retractable seatbelt, that suppresses the high impulse forces of the ankle sprain, is the answer for sure. Creating a Co. capable of doing what Nike did to sports shoes FOR athletes will take more 'team' than just 20 plus years of new, yet to be released products. It will take a KiSS team (Kinetic impulse Suppression System) Official release is June 2018, by invitation to conduct a 1.5 hour Workshop in the official program, to the elite of European Football at FIFA XXVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference Football Medicine Outcomes ARE WE WINNING? Camp Nou, Barcelona • 2nd- 3rd- 4th, June, 2018 As the only product that can prevent sprains, with the intent to repair ankle ligaments (tape and braces cannot repair ankle ligaments and won't), and the World's first Stem Cell Therapy ankle system, initial fund raising is to initiate the Industry Partnership with Sydney Uni and others (in progress). The enormous value of the market will be examined and planned and funded from the current capital raising, and begin supply of the most valuable sports market in the world while. I think the people helping me at this level may know some of you, and preventing the common ankle sprain is a big story ! Craig J Hubbard

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How do I go from being a business operator to being a business owner in a personal service type business model?

I started my business, Vector Health and Performance in 2010 as a strength and conditioning coach aiming to provide a better level of service and support to regional athletes and people. Since this time it has grown into a 650K Business and I have a number of great staff. I have worked really hard with what is now I believe a great team and they need me to lead them into the next level. I have really connected with the vision presented in books like the E-Myth about how a technician builds his business from the ground up, and I guess this is what I have done. What are some suggestions to transfer my role in the business from being in the trenches, to being a true business leader and leading my people to better opportunities?

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How do I find a partner/s or investors to purchase the land needed for this unique and exciting village development.

16 Years ago my partner and I were at Caudalie, a beautiful French winery and spa. Conversation got around to "Where would we like to move to when we feel that we are ready to move into a "retirement community?" There isn't one that we would like. So we started to design the unique ultimate village that will provide the ultimate lifestyle for us, (both architects) in fact for everyone, especially for retiring farmers who have never been catered for anywhere in the world, and for all generations. This is the first generation in human history where the elderly have been gated away from the rest of the community!! We don't like that. Here are our rules: Each of the 400+/- lots in the village will have a backyard private vineyard, an aquaponic fish tank / herb garden, and nature strip fruit trees. The village will have a community winery and micro brewery. Learn to make your own private label wine and beers. Everything to be planted has to be edible and to be shared by the community through the Produce Market in the Piazza to be surrounded by restaurants, coffee shop, organic butcher, organic bakery, Gelati bar, alternative medical clinic and travel agent. There will be a gym, swimming pool, auditorium and fabulous spa. There will be an organic farm managed by the farmer retirees., and organic food school. The purchase of a lot will include a free RAVEN, a little electric powered 2 seater car for getting around the village. There will be a car pool, and landing place for future drone cars... they are coming soon! A low cost hotel will accommodate guests of residents and the public. The Peace House will cater for religious and other functions. We need $2m to $6m to buy the 100 to 200 acres of beautiful land we have found. There is potential net profit of $10m to $15m. You can see the plan of one Vineyard Village on then go to Vineyard Village at Leopold. How do we get funding to get the first of many villages started?

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Ive asked the Q. Titled rapid growth" it possible ? no answers so far

what are the basics or key points that one needs to have or see in a possible investment; or which boxes need to be ticked to achieve future rapid growth of a possible investment ? (ACROSS the investment board , in any field ?...)

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Getting investment if you are a Virgin

Okay not an actual virgin but we are a private held company and have stayed away from investment and debt. However, we are key people dependent and every time we onboard new customers we have stop selling. We don't even have time to write a IM (well a good one). So I have two questions. 1st. Should our first lot of investment be small and then go for larger investment later or go all in? 2nd. I feel uncomfortable with a public listing for investment money. It seems a bit exposing and losing control of the negotiating before we've even stated (plus we are private people who feel weary of airing our linen.) btw I don't mine you republishing the question of I / we can stay anonymous. Cheers, D

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finding an investor

we have a family run business for the last 15 years and with our parents now at an age of retirement we would like to find someone to buy them out. how could we find someone and how would we go about it. thank you.

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Is there a more Private Market and Investors suited to Sortware?

We more and more getting to the realisation that to grow our CRM business we need investment. As Mark pointed out in a previous answer to a question I posted, it had better be enough money to achieve the end result or don't do it (paraphrasing). However, I am still uncomfortable about letting just letting any old tire kicker or competitor see our particulars and know that we are looking for investment. We would need an investor to understand a software (SaaS) development businesses and one that we felt comfortable with. So is there away of taking the next step through here that more discerning and private? Thanks