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Ive been told I have a solid business concept, sound and premium service offering, a market that seems ready, contractors waiting to deliver the work, a decent website, a great network but no budget for marketing.

What can I do to get some sales traction outside of literally knocking on doors and ringing all my contacts?
Seems as though I need to take the slow way and add a lot of content and extreme value to social media to position myself as an authority on my service offering and grow a following.

Is that the only way?

Really appreciate the advice.

1 Answer

Hi Tracy
Your challenge is an interesting one. Firstly The fact that you have acknowledged a "budget" puts you on a different level to many startup businesses that I have seen who do not even have the basics of a budget.
Sometimes with Marketing, we all believe that it is this big thing that requires a lot of money to gain some traction. This is true in some very generic industries where you need to stand out from the noise. However from your brief description you seem to have some uniqueness or a unique concept. Without some knowledge of your specific business it is pretty hard to say what paths you can take that dont cost the earth - but there are definitely some that every business can pursue without breaking the bank.
Depending on the business, social media can be one way of generating profile and clients and the idea of generating content may be one low cost add on to an overall plan
I would like to discuss in some more detail with you and see what paths are viable and available.

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