Matt Purcell

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Matt Purcell is an award winning young entrepreneur who is a regular guest on popular television programs Australia wide, run’s #1 ranked podcast “The Examined Life”, an Australian of the Year Nominee, an accomplished speaker, author, and life coach. In 2014, he founded “The Green Room MP”, a centre that helps hundreds of families mentor their children in music, academic and life goals. In May 2018, Matt released his first book, Life Hacks for Mindful Living, which is designed to be used as a tool in better understanding and increasing positive mental health, while delving into and unpacking key strategies to help young people understand how to become more mindful.

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Questions Matt has answered

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Looking for partner to grow the business

We are a mid size electrical contractor, started with $0 capital. We are turning over approx $5mil per year in Melb and Perth. We are able to take on more work with the team and equipment we have in place but need working capital to do so. All of our projects are profitable but our overhead seems to soak it all up, despite us continually looking for ways to reduce costs. Advisers have told us we need to scale the business beyond $10mil, but the help pretty much stops at that point. Open to suggestions

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How do I become a mentor ?

I have been involved in the Import / Export Industry for 40 years , for the the past 16 years i have owned an International Freight Forwarding business . I always have people asking me how to do international shipping and would like to assist more . I have also been involved in creating my won product that now sells into the major supermarkets . I believe i have the experience to help others

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Product concept

Hi, I have a product concept however I have no knowledge or contacts for how I go about establishing if it is a profitable concept, manufacturing the concept and getting it on the shelves. From my initial research I don't see any identical product available in the market although there is one that does part of the function

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