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Matt Purcell is an award winning young entrepreneur who is a regular guest on popular television programs Australia wide, run’s #1 ranked podcast “The Examined Life”, an Australian of the Year Nominee, an accomplished speaker, author, and life coach. In 2014, he founded “The Green Room MP”, a centre that helps hundreds of families mentor their children in music, academic and life goals. In May 2018, Matt released his first book, Life Hacks for Mindful Living, which is designed to be used as a tool in better understanding and increasing positive mental health, while delving into and unpacking key strategies to help young people understand how to become more mindful.

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Choosing a business name...

I am in the process of establishing a bookkeeping, payroll processing and accounts preparation business (working with a Registered Tax Agent who then lodges the return if required). I am struggling to come up with a business name I'm happy with. I would like to keep it generic in case I decide to become a Registered Tax Agent down the track. I don't want to use my own name so the business can have its own identity. Please help!

Start Up

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Starting a Counselling Practice

I am currently working as a Support Worker for people with disabilities. I recently completed a Bachelor Degree in Counselling. Ideally I'd like to run a counselling practice where people can overcome problems like anxiety depression and behaviour change that lasts a bit longer than 6 weeks. I feel like I can't compete against psychologists who have a medicare provider number. I'm doing a postgraduate in psychology with the hope to get a provider number. I'd still have to do another three years of study. I'm 53. I've seen other counsellors do well without a provider number. My house isn't good enough for clients to have here for counselling sessions. I have had one counselling client since November he is doing very well now and contacts me once a month to check in. He isn't paying. My job that kind of pays the bills is only casual and I earn about $700 -$900 a week. My morgage is $310 a week my bills are around $250 a week. Not including food. I feel like I'm stuck chasing my tail. I feel like I need help to work on my counselling practice as a business not just an idea.

Start Up

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What's the best way to promote online services?

I am a partner in two education based websites. The primary purpose of the websites is research and support. The first is focused on student placements the second is academic mentoring. The problem my colleagues and I would like to address is to understand the best process for optimum website promotion.

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Mentor One on One Meetings

Are you struggling with maintaining your social media presence? So was Michelle from Kent Conveyancing. She was struggling with consistency and a plan. Enter Mentored and Matt Purcell one of our social media expert Read more.

Matt Purcell | 12 March 2019

Meet the Mentor - Matt Purcell

Meet Matt Purcell, Mentor, musician, anti-bullying campaigner, educator, life coach, dad and husband. If you need real practical help with your social media direction and strategy them Matt is here to help. Read more.

Matt Purcell | 21 January 2019