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Anastacia Snelleksz is the owner and franchisor of Pole Princess studios, which was founded in 2006. She has a Certificate in Small Business Operations as well as a background in commercial, ballroom and Latin dance & founded her first dance company at the age of 21. Physical Rhythm was a dance tuition business that she ran and operated for 7 years before selling it to move into the world of franchising. A self-taught dancer, Anastacia is wholly dedicated to her craft. Within a year of opening her first studio, she was nominated and chosen in the final seven for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards under the categories of Marie Claire Young Business Women’s Award and Commonwealth Bank Award. More recently, she was also a finalist for the My Business Awards, for the GIO Award for Women in Business. She was also ranked number 45 in the Australian Pole Dance Magazine’s 50 most influential figures of 2016 and then again at number 34 in 2017.

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How do I sell myself?

How do I separate myself from the being artist to the being the seller? Under valuing the costs/time in the product.

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How to land more clientel for the Tattoo Removal business

My brother is a traveling Tattoo Artist and owns a Laser Tattoo Removal business in which I manage and perform treatments. We are both Laser Techincians but I am the person that is in charge of the Laser business. We have been up and running for almost 2 years now and we are steady. I’m trying to find out the best ways to land more clients. We are on Facebook and Instagram but the problem is with this type of business is that I can really only put up posts of our results we get from doing treatments Can you help?

Start Up

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Selling the product....not how it's made

Most client's are more interested in how I've made it.... then they assume it's an import from is the most frustrating question " how do you do this" Then to top it off... "better homes and garden" put my product on TV and have someone else claim they've made it! Far Nth Queensland is small...especially when locals know the product! My mobile was ringing hot...