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Dr Gavin Brown is a clinical psychologist with over ten years experience in a variety of settings including private practice, hospitals and community organisations. Currently he is the owner and director of Rapha Health, a rapidly growing private practice in Brisbane’s western suburbs that offers psychology and speech therapy services and partners with an occupational therapy practice. Gavin also works with a not-for-profit organisation supplying allied health services to rural and remote Western Qld and through this work, Gavin has recently moved into delivering ‘business resilience’ programs designed to deliver mental health and wellbeing concepts in a business paradigm. As a highly trained relationship therapist, Gavin is particularly interested in assisting husband and wife small business owners to strengthen their relationship and grow their business.

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How do I market my business in a regional area?

I have just qualified as a food and wellness coach and counsellor. I can help clients with problems ranging from weight loss or healthy diet to managing stress, reducing anxiety, getting better sleep, or having a happier life. I live in a regional area and are not sure where to find clients who are willing to pay for this service (around the same cost as a physio or massage per session) and I find that many people dont actually know what a food and wellness coach is or does. I can see clients via Skype too and I have a good website where I am already doing blogs and I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have tried handing out brochures face to face at gyms or local clinics and I am currently running a free relaxation class for seniors. I would appreciate any advice about how to get new clients.

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