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I have been running my own business for over 10 years called Business Simplicity in which I am a registered BAS agent and Management Accountant offering bookkeeping, business advisory and coaching services. I started my second business with my husband 3 years ago called Berger Transport of which we have grown to two trucks now and intend to keep growing. I started my third business Bookkeepers Support just over a year ago offering coaching, training and retreats to fellow bookkeepers supporting them into their own business. We have 2 staff members and are continually expanding and moving our businesses forward. I love to help small business to succeed with as much guidance and support as I can give. I know how tough it is to run a business and to have a dream you want to see come true. I am also a mum of 2 daughters that keeps me super busy, so organisation is absolutely key!

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How can grow my business while living in rural QLD?

Hi, I have started a business where I take Australian grown fruit & veg and make a gourmet range of condiments. We do take online sales but mainly would like to build and work with wholesale customers. My problem is I live and run my business on our family cattle property up here in North QLD. Dropping the kids off at school and going around to the businesses I would like to stock my products is not an option right now. I have got a good amount of businesses using and stocking my products in our local town and in some other parts of QLD but would really love to grow my business even more. So I guess I'm wondering is it possible to really grow my business from home or is getting out into the big cities going to be the only way? And if it is possible is there some coaching program I can do that would best help me in my position, as I do believe getting some coach or training is going to be an important investment for myself and my business. Thank you Cheers Jodie

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To finish Developing a Wild Life Education Centre and Animal refuge in the Blue Mountains

I need to finish developing a Wild Life Centre and need $80,000 to do so ; which financial institute would be the best to approach ?

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how do i improve my business

currently own a franchise, it has been 7 months since taking over. at the started we had amazing staff and team then ,headoffice pretty much took all of our staff and manager and left us to find a new team, we went from making 20 thousand a week to now 10 on a good week! no help with training new staff from franchise or help on how to improve our business! with sales ect we are left stuck and dont know how to pick it up! have lost 80% of clients due to the change and staff turnover! any advice on how to fix it?

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Meet the Mentor - Kelly Berger

The first in our Meet the Mentor series starts with Kelly Berger, busy owner and operator of no less than three businesses, in two very diverse fields. Learn more about how Kelly can help you. Read more.

Kelly Berger | 18 December 2018

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