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I have been running my own business for over 10 years called Business Simplicity in which I am a registered BAS agent and Management Accountant offering bookkeeping, business advisory and coaching services. I started my second business with my husband 3 years ago called Berger Transport of which we have grown to two trucks now and intend to keep growing. I started my third business Bookkeepers Support just over a year ago offering coaching, training and retreats to fellow bookkeepers supporting them into their own business. We have 2 staff members and are continually expanding and moving our businesses forward. I love to help small business to succeed with as much guidance and support as I can give. I know how tough it is to run a business and to have a dream you want to see come true. I am also a mum of 2 daughters that keeps me super busy, so organisation is absolutely key!

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Looking after yourself in business (Pete Evans); more information please!

I work in an industry where nervous breakdowns, compassion fatigue etc are par for the course. I had observed that in some parts of my career burnout occurred within 18 to 24 months. I eagerly awaited an issue of our monthly magazine dedicated (it said) to showing us how to take care of ourselves. How wrong I was! There were about two paragraphs on simple things like proper sleep, good food etc and every other page of the allocated space to deal with taking care of ourselves emphasised and gave examples of how we would be punished if we broke to rules - ie public legislation re confidentiality,privacy, mandatory reporting and the many other things we have to abide by in our practices according to to our professional bodies. So I concluded that I work in a highly regulated industry yet am required to provide well educated and (yes!) compassionate treatment for our clients/customers. So please, please tell me how to take care of myself when I am strung between it two really strong concepts each with huge expectations or doesn't anyone really know?

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For Matt Lancashire: how did you get out of debt?

I couldn't find the responses and who responded to my original question. However, into my email came a really good response focusing on the interest I am paying in my loans and credit cards. Understandably while I go through the present 'trough' in my business I don't have much to spare so being thoughtful is very important. My Loan ($38,000 in total)commenced on around 13.something per cent but following later discussion with the Mutual Bank, interest was reduced to 7.something per cent. The Loan is now down to $4100 as a result. One of the other banks gave me 12 months of hardship when interest (typical of a bank Cr Cd) was reduced to about 5% for that time - also very helpful as it got me out of the arrears that had occurred when the bank offered me 12 years at much lower rate when I didn't get a clear understanding of the monthly due date. The second Cr Cd remains on the usual terms and interest of most Cr Cds Between the three I pay over $1000 per month, with just under half going to the Loan as it has the least owing and by far the best interest rate to lower it. The Cr Cds are paid above the minimum payable amount. The total debt originally owed was $78000 and is now a tad below $22000. The loan will be paid out in 2019 and then I will need to decide how much should be paid to which Cr Cd. Since both are now at the same rates, the question will be awkward. I need to do my Maths on how much interest I will pay to conclude them and I will certainly be calling the Accountant to help with the Maths so I can make the decision to give me the best advantage. I did consider a consolidation loan, but I'm tired of paying off things over long periods of time and I have become very used to paying with whatever cash is at hand and making sure that the money for these payments comes in each month. But the point about interest rate is well taken. Thank you!

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New Diabetes educator trying to start my own business

I’m newCDE in Melbourne with a double masters in advanced health practice surgical assisting and diabetes education and management. I love helping people and improving the community’s health and well being. I have started my business for a year and half but I don’t know how to make it grow or run it and I would like some help please. Thank you for your time

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Meet the Mentor - Kelly Berger

The first in our Meet the Mentor series starts with Kelly Berger, busy owner and operator of no less than three businesses, in two very diverse fields. Learn more about how Kelly can help you. Read more.

Kelly Berger | 18 December 2018

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