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My business journey started as a knee jerk reaction to a personal tragedy. I soon learned that it wasn’t good enough to be technically adept, I had to be a great business person too. My business has evolved significantly over the past 15+ years from working from home, to commercial premises, to a purpose built home office; franchising with up to 14 franchisees across Australia at one point; hiring staff and subcontractors; writing a book; and having a couple of babies along the way. There have been some tragedies, and some triumphs, and my business has been the constant throughout it all. Technology has made the world a much smaller place which means I can service all of my clients from my own office. I pride myself on my dedication and time management skills, which allows me to give the time and energy needed for both family and clients. Running a small business is like taking a road trip – with many twists and turns along the way. I love working with passionate small business owners and helping them make their own business journey as enjoyable as possible. When I’m not bookkeeping, you’ll find me at gym, on an obstacle course, or camping with family and friends.

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How do I be found

Hi there, Little Kids Business is an online Platform representing just over 100 Brands in the children's space. Being a double-sided Marketplace I have two clients. I am proud to have encouraged so many Brands to join me and be found collectively. I outsource SEO, Google Shopping and Youtube advertising which is expensive. I am also marketing in other areas of the children's space and have a media centre on Press loft in an effort to gain Press Coverage. We have gained a product here and there in the press however this has not driven sales. We are just about to start selling our gift vouchers through another business with a large database which may assist. We are only 9 months old and really only started to climb about three months ago however I expected more sales than I currently receive and I am wondering what else works for you?

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Need to revive our business

We opened 19 months ago. We were very busy at the start but we have shown a steady decline in sales since. We have expanded our menu and tried many things to bring customers but nothing seems to work. Although we have saved a lot of money in this time we are now at the point where the business only covers expenses for itself and our living costs. I fear if the current trend continues we will soon be at the point where it won't be able to support us. We don't understand why. Our shop looks great (50's style cafe), our food is tasty and gram for gram we're probably cheaper than McDonalds. Maybe there are too many places to eat in town but people used to come so why have they stopped? I would appreciate your help before we are forced to close. Thank you. Paul

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Business Compliance

Hi, I have recently started a business making jams and Christmas Cakes. I was hoping to find someone who could offer my advice on food compliance and what type of insurance I need to have. This is a home-based business but I sell my products to a shop owner and a hamper/market stall business. Both buy from me, not on consignment.

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