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Craig has been a strategic accountant and business advisor for more than twenty years, specialising in exit strategy planning for business owners. He works with mid-market business owners as a strategic business and financial mentor, and has written four critically acclaimed books on employee incentives, succession planning, asset protection and exit strategies. Craig is passionate about helping business owners achieve the success they deserve.

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Time poor, do I sell or look for a parter to share the load.

We are small fire protection business who have been making a 25% profit margin for several years now. I love the business and it services but I am finding it hard to make time for family and personal goals. I am the director and manager but also work a second full time job. Of late I am finding I am losing touch with the business and its direction and I am getting frustrated. I have a good team and have considered having my senior tech running the business, but that takes him away from his main role. I am worried about the legal obligations and I have a fear of my team making a mistake where I will personally suffer. The business is located on my residential property so I find it hard to get away from it when needed. Should cash in my chips and put the business on their market, or relocate the business from their property and look to have someone else navigate?

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finding an investor

we have a family run business for the last 15 years and with our parents now at an age of retirement we would like to find someone to buy them out. how could we find someone and how would we go about it. thank you.

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How do I employee or attract key staff to a small bsuiness?

I am a small real estate business who struggles to employ good experienced sales staff. Trying to find good experienced sales staff and getting them to move to a small business is really a struggle. Any suggestions other than head hunting?

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