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Matt is the Principal of two Brisbane Ray White franchises at Spring Hill and New Farm, and is currently Ray White's leading salesperson for Queensland. His dedication to his clients and career has been reflected in a number of awards and invitations to speak at elite real estate events, and prefers to thrive in a fiercely competitive field. Matt will be giving advice on business principles and structure, sales, and all things to do with real estate and property.

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Why accountability is so important in small business

Mark Bouris asked Matt Lancashire about how he holds himself and his staff accountable in his Ray White franchises, and how it’s helped his business grow. Read more.

Matt Lancashire | 18 April 2018

Matt Lancashire on the lightbulb moment that set him on the path to success

Ray White’s Matt Lancashire and Mark Bouris talk about the crucial point where Matt realised he needed to knuckle down and put in the hard work. Read more.

Matt Lancashire | 18 April 2018

Mark and Matt talk about competitive working environments

Mark Bouris and Ray White franchisor Matt Lancashire talk about competition within the real estate industry. Read more.

Matt Lancashire | 18 April 2018

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