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Bianca is an innovative and award-winning leader, who leads the customer success function at Intuit Australia and is the immediate past product leader for Quickbooks Online. She has 18 years’ IT experience, with expertise in the accounting and technology sectors. Bianca previously worked for companies including MYOB, Solution 6 and Telstra where she undertook key internal and external facing roles including customer care, product mgt, product development, consulting & operations.

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Move your accounting systems online to save your business

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill from Intuit QuickBooks gives her advice to Eva about her business systems Read more.

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill | 04 June 2018

Why you need to know all your business numbers

Bianca from QuickBooks explains why every business owner needs to be across their financials. Read more.

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill | 05 June 2018

Collaborate with your accountant: QuickBooks

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill from Intuit QuickBooks talks about why it’s important to find an accountant you can work with. Read more.

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill | 06 June 2018

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