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Nicolette Maury is a customer champion and small business advocate, leading Intuit Australia’s rapidly growing market presence. She grew up in a small business and so understands first-hand the unique challenges small business owners face in their pursuit of success. As the driving force behind QuickBooks, Nicolette heads a fast-growing sales, marketing and customer care team, delivering dynamic business-management solutions to small businesses and their trusted financial advisors. Nicolette is looking forward to sharing her insights to help small businesses prosper across Australia.

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3 Steps to Financial Fitness

Nicolette Maury from QuickBooks talks through the important steps to managing your business's finances. Read more.

Nicolette Maury | 23 April 2018

Nicolette answers QuickBooks' frequently asked questions

Nicolette Maury from Intuit QuickBooks answers three frequently asked questions about cashflow, accounting and managing finances for a small business or contractor. Read more.

Nicolette Maury | 14 May 2018

Save Time and Automate Your Business

How to take advantage of affordable, easy-to-use online tools to manage your business finances Read more.

Nicolette Maury | 05 June 2018