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Mark Bouris is one of Australia's business leaders, with decades of success and experience in financial services and technology. Mark pioneered securitisation via his Wizard Home Loans business, teaming up with major distribution partners across Europe to provide cheaper mortgages and undercut the banks. In 2004 the mortgage book of Wizard had grown to over $19 billion and the business was subsequently sold to General Electric for over $500 million. Post his departure from Wizard, Mark saw another opportunity within consumer finance. Struggling independents were either being wound up or sold to larger institutions, resulting in far less competition. Armed with his profile and a new holistic wealth model, Mark set up Yellow Brick Road, which is now an ASX listed company with annual revenues of over $165 million. In recent years Mark’s focus has broadened to industries across; technology, biotech, resources and media – holding executive and non-executive positions in each. Mark is passionate about growing small business and innovation in Australia, and is currently chairing the government's Small Business Digital Taskforce pioneering change in the sector.

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How do I help my ex partner get investment money

My partner is in dire straights she has a business that someone has run into the ground, she just need a little breathing space 100k but banks won't offer. Business turned around 400k profit previously until this doctor decided to run it into the ground to try and take it over. She has worked so hard for this biz, any advice would be great. It is GP On Ebley Bondi junction.

Start Up

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Marketing dilemma

I'm starting up a sole proprietor education type small business. I have my business plan but am struggling with preparing the document that I want to present to the prospective client. Have received two different advices which are very different to each other. Is there some sort of template available. How do I proceed?

Start Up

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How to get a mentor

Hi I have spent 3 years designing and developing affordable housing and building affordable homes and granny flats, it has not been easy but i am at the stage now that we have mastered the product, footings and now provide installation and we are having no problem with council approval, Moving forward i am now scared to push the business as i am a female and do this entire business alone. Business is now starting to pick up cause i am letting it, but need help from here, How to get into a position to hire more staff to help, How to let go and hand over the sales side of things when i have the entire home. building, sales, finances, installation, benefits, etc etc in my head rather than on paper to teach someone else, i am so busy i dont have time to teach, i dont know how to promote, i am not so good at content writing but i know everything about the homes i have designed , where to from here?

Advice by Mark

Mark Bouris talks exit strategies - how to make one, and why they're necessary

Mark discusses the importance of thinking about your business exit strategy right from the beginning Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

Mark Bouris looks at the family behind Ubiquitous Realty

The leadership dynamic that rules the family roost doesn't necessarily translate into a workable business structure. Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

Mark Bouris: Finding good business partners is vital for success

Mark discusses the role of partners in a business, and how bringing partners into the fold make a business greater than the sum of its parts. Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

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