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Mark Bouris is one of Australia's business leaders, with decades of success and experience in financial services and technology. Mark pioneered securitisation via his Wizard Home Loans business, teaming up with major distribution partners across Europe to provide cheaper mortgages and undercut the banks. In 2004 the mortgage book of Wizard had grown to over $19 billion and the business was subsequently sold to General Electric for over $500 million. Post his departure from Wizard, Mark saw another opportunity within consumer finance. Struggling independents were either being wound up or sold to larger institutions, resulting in far less competition. Armed with his profile and a new holistic wealth model, Mark set up Yellow Brick Road, which is now an ASX listed company with annual revenues of over $165 million. In recent years Mark’s focus has broadened to industries across; technology, biotech, resources and media – holding executive and non-executive positions in each. Mark is passionate about growing small business and innovation in Australia, and is currently chairing the government's Small Business Digital Taskforce pioneering change in the sector.

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How do I identify my target market?

My sign business is set up to manufacture a variety of signs for a multitude of uses, e.g., banners, corflute signs, vehicle graphics, shop windows, canvas prints, safety & hazchem signs, A-frames, etc. Some (or all) sign types are suitable for ALL businesses, from supermarkets to the local mechanic, from the nursery to the Op shop. My main customers are other businesses, and only a small percentage of customers are walk-in individuals. So I am having difficulty in identifying my target market for the range of products offered.

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What is the best way to generate leads that will translate into business deals?

I am just starting out as an independent finance broker in an area of western sydney that is currently being developed. What would be the best way to find people who are interested in buying high net investment properties?

Start Up

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How do I make the transition from doing everything-working in the business and on the business?

We have a great little business with the figures improving all the time but it is not big enough to be employing people (which I would dearly love to do). I am working 15 - 17 hours a day and as you can guess I end the week very tired. Money is very tight and I am not able to get a loan until the banks have tax figures for this financial year as we have only just been open one year so everything in the business is run by the takings as we have exhausted all our savings getting to this point. I do have big plans for the business but am not able to take the next step as yet which will give the cash flow to employ and make the changes to grow the business.

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