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Mark Bouris is one of Australia's business leaders, with decades of success and experience in financial services and technology. Mark pioneered securitisation via his Wizard Home Loans business, teaming up with major distribution partners across Europe to provide cheaper mortgages and undercut the banks. In 2004 the mortgage book of Wizard had grown to over $19 billion and the business was subsequently sold to General Electric for over $500 million. Post his departure from Wizard, Mark saw another opportunity within consumer finance. Struggling independents were either being wound up or sold to larger institutions, resulting in far less competition. Armed with his profile and a new holistic wealth model, Mark set up Yellow Brick Road, which is now an ASX listed company with annual revenues of over $165 million. In recent years Mark’s focus has broadened to industries across; technology, biotech, resources and media – holding executive and non-executive positions in each. Mark is passionate about growing small business and innovation in Australia, and is currently chairing the government's Small Business Digital Taskforce pioneering change in the sector.

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How to start small business with no money in bank only equity eg,house cars ?

How register business with trademark? no money in bank only equity gov,trust. eg,house cars,good credit rating played off 5 Loans. start making them?How

Start Up

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Getting investment if you are a Virgin

Okay not an actual virgin but we are a private held company and have stayed away from investment and debt. However, we are key people dependent and every time we onboard new customers we have stop selling. We don't even have time to write a IM (well a good one). So I have two questions. 1st. Should our first lot of investment be small and then go for larger investment later or go all in? 2nd. I feel uncomfortable with a public listing for investment money. It seems a bit exposing and losing control of the negotiating before we've even stated (plus we are private people who feel weary of airing our linen.) btw I don't mine you republishing the question of I / we can stay anonymous. Cheers, D

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Business expantion

I want to expand my business so i can live off my business just unsure how to go about it

Advice by Mark

Mark Bouris talks exit strategies - how to make one, and why they're necessary

Mark discusses the importance of thinking about your business exit strategy right from the beginning Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

Mark Bouris looks at the family behind Ubiquitous Realty

The leadership dynamic that rules the family roost doesn't necessarily translate into a workable business structure. Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

Mark Bouris: Finding good business partners is vital for success

Mark discusses the role of partners in a business, and how bringing partners into the fold make a business greater than the sum of its parts. Read more.

Mark Bouris | 18 April 2018

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