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Exit Strategy?

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How to Find A Genuine Mentor?

I have worked solo from home for 6 years in my business. With my business education provided about 90% from reading business books. I have repeatedly tried (through government provided mentors and networking groups) to find a successful mentor who has run successful bussiness/s. I have paid upwards of $200p/h for mentors that didn't really help. I find it hard(ok impossible after 6 years) to find a mentor that has my success as their priority, and willing to either help for free or a minimal cost-eg. buy them lunch as we talk business? (maybe 3-4 times a years thats all!) I currently help a couple friends that are starting business and personally I LOVE watching them learn and grow.

Start Up

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Being a startup but have received a lot of interest to work with celebrities and major tv channel - how to raise capital

Hi, We have launched our product in Australia ($50 million market in Australia) and have been getting a good exposure through marketing. Our online sales are ok but increasing due to heavy social media advertising. But we still have not been able to enter retail space, its been 5 months since our product launch. We have had interest from celebrities and recently a major TV channel to be a part of their show, but the investment is huge - so how to raise such a capital in a short time. We see its like"chicken and egg" situation, if we don't do that we might not get such huge exposure and retail won't entertain us - as they have asked us to raise the brand awareness through marketing and advertising before the list us. But if we go ahead with TV channel then due to huge investment, we won't be able to recoup just through online sales. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Search Engine Optimisation

I’m so swamped with information on what to do with SEO for my online business. I have limited budget to spend but this is crucial. What’s your main bit of advice for SEO for online stores ?

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We wanted to start off slowly but that hasnt happened - totally swamped

My partner and I started our business 18 months ago. We thought we would start off slowly and build the business as we went and as our name got out there. So we leased a smallish workshop with some yard around it and off we went. The business took off and we haven't been able to keep up! The workshop is now too small and we are trying to re-organise things. We don't have enough yard for what the business has developed into and the place is nowhere near organised or looking as professional as we had wanted. I know there are FAR worse problems to have but we are feeling swamped. We already work 6-7 days a week. We have great staff and fantastic customers and have also just been named as Finalists in the Best Restoration Category in the upcoming VACC Industry Awards but man oh man we are buggered. How do we make things easier for ourselves and how do we make enough money yet find time to get organised and more professional?

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How do you determine which businesses to invest in

I’d like to invest as a silent partner in other businesses so this portal is fantastic. How do you determine who to invest in? I am thinking I should invest in the people who run the businesses. Passive income is the outcome I’m after.

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How do I take my Business online

Hi, we have a small bricks and mortar fruit shop in a semi rural area that is serviced by the big supermarket home delivery option. Would love to know how to take our shop online with minimal expense. Thanks

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How can I get Mentored help from experts please?

Hi Mark I recently bought a small business in Manly, using a very small property settlement I received from my ex husband. The business is seasonal (summer) predominantly so I am introducing a small breakfast menu, and focusing on building a loyal local customer base rather than aiming for the tourist market. That said, the sale was delayed by around 8 weeks, which meant I was using money I tagged as cash flow for the first couple of months on personal living expenses and now I am worried about getting my new menu up and running, not having a small amount for printing & signage, and sundry expenses which are crucial to "building" my business. I REALLY need to speak to someone urgently, for some sound advice as to what I can do. I have struggled financially for almost 10 years since my marriage ended and have raised my children alone with little support from their dad. This was supposed to be my vehicle to regain some financial stability and build some super, but now I'm worried sick it's all going to fail. When is the next intake for Mentored going to take place please as I would really like to apply.

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How do I best promote my new website?

After closing the bricks and mortar store for our gift shop at the end of the lease due to non commercial viability of lease terms for proposed new lease, we have developed a website and it is very new only being online for 2 weeks now. We have invested in some SEO which we fully understand is a long term investment, but with the launch of the website, I am seeking advice on the best method to promote the site?

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How to secure coffee meetings with Strata Managers?

Strata managers are our target market. However, we find they’re rather challenging to connect with and build mutually beneficial relationships with. Any suggestions on the most effective and efficient strategy would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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We are struggling to find a cost effective CRM for a small business wanting to Franchise, with 2 failed attempts already

We have spent approx $26,000 already with 2 CRM systems that have not worked for us. It seems they have not really listened to our needs, have many glitches right from the start or data just disappears & we are back to double handling information. Front line staff have lost faith & We are back to using a manual booking method for our job scheduling & Outlook. As Business management we are pulling our hair out as its a timely exercise with meetings then training, costs only to find they fail miserably. We are looking for a simple to follow job scheduling, calendar, photo or plan uploads for users, timesheets, 'outlook' integrated, Many users capability with restrictions & able to roll over into an accounting software like MYOB to save time in accounts with invoicing (if possible) We would consider changing to Xero if it worked more effectively with the system. It needs to be able to work on laptop, tablet & mobile. Cloud based & cost effective. Any suggestions of Brands or Apps for the job booking service in construction Industry with good reviews would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Mentor !!!!