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Hi there, I am in the starting process of my business. I have the vision and content ready, but need help in connecting to the right people to make it happen. I offer a brief personal meeting as whether this is worth your while. I am looking to work with the best and i hope you see my vision and can invest in it. I’m going to make it with or without you, but i would like the opportunity to pitch it to you first. I have something i want to share with the world, I’m going to change it. Your help would be appreciated. I’m aiming this at Mark, the man himself.

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Morning Gary! Firstly I do want to thank u for your patience! I guess I have been taking on so much and not focusing on what I needed right now to kick start. Rather than start at the bottom and see if my strategy and systems work for others, I have been keen to get right to the top and get it structured for me. I have figured to take the step back and build my customer base and reputation to prove my worth. I have been networking with many business and great people and will put them to the test. Yes I am covering a very broad spectrum in terms of fitness, finance etc but it’s all doable providing I structure it right. I have been working on framework to set the structure in which to introduce these features slowly in terms of helping people. Social media seems to be the best platform for a wider audience. I think I’ll keep working on content and framework until I’m sure my systems work, have a following and am ready to ‘put myself out there’ on social media. I believe I only have one shot, no point rushing it. I was stressing a bit and just need some one to bounce off! I think I will be back in touch later down the track possibly to help launch my proven methods and messages for others. Thanks for your time Gary!

Ok, Andrew, so Finance, Fitness and Health? That's quite a broad remit, but I suspect your intent to use social media can have a far-reaching impact quite rapidly, if you pitch your offering strategically into the best spaces to gain a viral effect. Is Social something a Mentor can help you with? You seem to have a firm idea of what you want to do re concept and content but are looking for help to: a. validate and pressure-test your plan, b. determine your leap off point, c. challenge and guide you and d. seek potential investors. Correct? Try to assess what your most burning need is right now - to be able to get underway - then let's see if there is a Mentor most suited to your needs - which may be Mark. Follow him on LinkedIn if you are not already doing so.

Thanks for getting back to us Gary! To be honest I’m taking on a whole lot! I want to help the everyday person! I’m looking into the areas of finance, fitness and health and motivation. I want to use the platform of social media to get the message out there. I will admit, I’m very lost at the starting point and making baby steps, but my ideas and vision is clear. I was even going to consult the services of an agent to help direct my path. I guess i feel like i have something to say and share to the world, a positive message and a guide to be a better version of ones self. As someone starting from the bottom, I don’t want to plod around. I’d rather the advice, guidance and mentoring of someone above who can directly get me in touch with the services i need. Let me know what you think. This is still very basic information but you can see the direction I’m going...

Hi Andrew, sounds intriguing! I understand your reticence to share the detail of your innovation but can you give us a clue as to the industry or customer base you envisage targeting? It might help one of my Mentor colleagues latch on and get things rolling. All the best. Gary

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