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Looking after yourself in business (Pete Evans); more information please!

I work in an industry where nervous breakdowns, compassion fatigue etc are par for the course. I had observed that in some parts of my career burnout occurred within 18 to 24 months. I eagerly awaited an issue of our monthly magazine dedicated (it said) to showing us how to take care of ourselves. How wrong I was! There were about two paragraphs on simple things like proper sleep, good food etc and every other page of the allocated space to deal with taking care of ourselves emphasised and gave examples of how we would be punished if we broke to rules - ie public legislation re confidentiality,privacy, mandatory reporting and the many other things we have to abide by in our practices according to to our professional bodies. So I concluded that I work in a highly regulated industry yet am required to provide well educated and (yes!) compassionate treatment for our clients/customers. So please, please tell me how to take care of myself when I am strung between it two really strong concepts each with huge expectations or doesn't anyone really know?

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Hi Helen, looking after yourself in business is a challenge and necessary at the same time. I have been in business for about 8 years now and something I have learned is that you need to take regular time out. Eg a holiday for min of 3 days at a time. You need to set aside a day for yourself each week to visit friends or family or just a day to yourself to curl up with a good book. Having boundaries in your life also help to keep you sane. Such as turning your phone off at a specific time every day or putting an out of office message on your email so people don't expect to be able to contact you whenever they like. Rules and regulations are tough in some industries to keeping up with them can be difficult but learning little bits regularly can help and not doing it in one hit. Trying to keep organised with your work and deadlines through to do lists or apps like Trello can help too. Hope that helps. Kelly from Business Simplicity.

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