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Exit Strategy?

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Awareness and Funding

Hello, I am creating an app for living kidney donors. Do you have suggestions for the best way of getting my idea known and to find some funding please? So far I have created a website and a Twitter account and started a GoFundMe page. All of the hospitals and renal units I have spoken with tell me its a great idea and are happy enough to let me survey their previous living donors but I need $$ to keep going. Should I be looking for govt grants? Would appreciate any advice or recommendations from people who have experience in the app space. Thank-you

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How do I improve and enhance my business?

I have been bouncing along the small business route for 20+ years now and I am still trying to make it! Maybe that in itself should tell me to do something else!!! I am a Denturist, Dental Technician. Principal of First Impressions Denture Solutions, Perth Western Australia. Now is the time to grow for a run to retirement or give it away? I would like advice on what I might do to make my enterprise a viable and growing proposition for the next ten to fifteen years?

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A Great Tip For ALL Business Owners from Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis -: "Why Most People Fail in Business?

Yep it is crunching the numbers. We get so caught up in the new product, the colourful logo the exciting aspects in the process of starting a new business that we forget about the foundation, the so called boring stuff. If you are in business and plan to be successful then you need to learn to love your numbers. Once you do, you will find that analysing your numbers is like reading a book on your business – the numbers tell you what is going wrong and what you need to fix and equally what is going right that you should probably to do more of. Recently I was talking to a business man who closed one of his stores thinking that it was losing money only to find out afterward that he had made a mistake and it was in fact in profit and he was kicking himself thinking that he should have kept the store open. He now knows the value of the foundations for the business and that the foundation is built purely on the numbers. I find that this is the biggest mistake that small businesses make, they do not take the time to handle every invoice, check that it is correct, input the data and then check the reports to cross check that it is in line with your financial goals. I hear comments like “It is too confusing”, “It is not my thing” or “I have not got time”. All these comments lead to these businesses to be in the 4 out of 5 businesses that fail in the first 5 years (which is the current statistic). Why? Because the health of your business is in your numbers. The strategy of how to adjust quickly when things go wrong is evident in the numbers, and where you need to focus on the business is, you guessed it, in the numbers. If you do not know your numbers, then you are in trouble. If not now, you will be in the future. And then “Numbers not being your thing” will be the least of your worries. I cannot tell you how many businesses I come across who are in trouble that do not do their financials regularly, they think that paying people and doing their BAS is hard and they would rather leave it to the so-called experts. Well I give you the tip, the only person who truly cares about your money and the success of your business is you. I left school at 16 years old and did not have a clue how to do any accounting, but I took the time to learn with a good accounting system. So, it does not make a difference what type of education you have as they make it easy for you. Remember however that no matter what system you use for your finances make sure that you input the data correctly. At the end of the day – garbage in = garbage out. Numbers are king.

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i want to bring my business to the 21 century

I am a small surf bike and skate retail store in anna bay nsw and in recent years I have seemed to have lost my ay and I am now struggling with low cashflow and debt finding it hard to get people in store and I am trying to figure out what I need to implement a new pos system that incorporates after pay system which may save my business by getting customers back , just finding it hard to understand what systems I need to implement for afterpay thanks anthony

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what great book or TV show programme one would recommend to read or watch when before starting up a business?

I am in a small country town where Pubs and cafes are very common. I've live here for 7 years but I've being in a Management position on a 5 star luxury hotels for more than 10 years. My latest hotel was Shangri la hotel, Sydney. For my own observation here in town for the last 7 years, there are more and more professionals, decent people together with their families who moved to town for work. There are no really "upper class" 5 star restaurant and Bar around so I am going to open one bringing my expertise and taste to it. I am fully equiped with how to run it and training staff. I am needing any advise possible to help me kick start my business. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Start Up

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What could I do better?

Dear Mark, Could you please give me some tips on how to push my business over the $300k + per annum. We have been running for 7.5years and just can’t get over the $280k. Business has changed, evolved, made mistakes, corrected issues and much more but I just can’t seem to get it financially any further ahead. I would absolutely love your advice or better still meet you so I can grow my business to the best it can be. Thank you in advance Kind regards Theresa Bradaric

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Hi Mentor Advice Seekers, Please be more specific and a thank you messages would be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

As one of the Mentors who give very generously of our time to people asking for help, just a few messages I would like to convey to you. 1. It would really be appreciated if you could send a message of thank you after you receive your advice. You won't succeed in business unless you say thanks to all the people who have helped you along the way 2. It would be a huge help to the Mentors to provide MUCH more information to help you succeed including your location, type of business, how long it has been trading, product or service you are selling, web site etc. Otherwise it is not possible to really help you as much as we would like. Thanking you in anticipation. Cheers Jeff Gordon, Financial Outcomes & Productivity Specialist Prestige SME Business Solutions

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How can I use social media to promote my hairdressing business?

Just had some hard times recently and trying to get to pay my bills. Just wanted to improve my business and to meet day to day expenses.

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marketing to attract customers

I am wanting to attract more customers to fill my fitness/athletic training classes. I am currently using FB, coaching websites, business website and word of mouth to attract customers. My biggest challenge is maintaining class sizes in non-summer months, as I compete with Team sports (as to when kids can come to my classes). I provide exceptional value, keep class sizes small and am studying at University to keep up with the latest information and methods. I find adults wanting training to be my biggest time wasters.

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Whats the Best way i can sell my good business

I am considering selling my business. I am serious .its a top businees running at optimum