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Exit Strategy?

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I want to learn how to design an app for our specific business needs.

Never learnt how to design/make and app. Wish to learn so can develop some for our business needs to help cut down time and expenses.

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How can I improve my business and stop pumping money into it?

My husband and I bought a café 2 1/2 years ago and we are struggling to make ends meet. It seems that instead of starting to show a profit, we are pumping more and more money into it. My husband is worried about making changes, but the customers love him and I think we would not lose any of them if we changed the menu and increased the prices. Also being Italian, his portions are quite large. Please help, as we are really struggling and continue to argue about what we should do next.

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Hi! I would like to know more about franchising!

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Successful ways of finding future potential employees

I’ve had trouble finding the right type of employees for my business. This varies from, skills, personalities and punctuality. At this stage, recruitment companies charge a very hefty price and unfortunately cannot afford paying for the multiple employees I need. Is there anyt other options other business owners use or have used rather than the standard job advertising sites? Thanks,

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Exit Strategy

I own a cafe in a coastal town in South Australia. We lease our premises and in 6 months our lease expires. We have first right to renew for another 3 years. After 3.5 years of owning the cafe though, I’m at a cross-roads and keen to seek some advice to help formulate an exit strategy. Work through options with someone experienced and knowledgeable to devise a plan that’s in the best interest of my business and my family. Property owner is of course ‘hungry’ to know what my plan is but I don’t want to disclose anything until I’m clear first. Anyone partvof this group with the experience to work through options with me?

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Looking at Starting B2B Sales

I have a product and haven't had the right approach to buyers as my skills are somewhat "Bogan". My product has great feedback from B2C sales, I have just received bulk stock and am now confident that when the sales start my supply chain will withstand demand. With all this in place I just need to break the barrier and source the right trusted merchants to join business with. Matt

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How do I finance a social enterprise idea

I have an idea to start a social enterprise to assist women who have been affected by domestic violence and need a boost in life, have low self esteem, possibly no income other that welfare. This in a rural area. I don't wish to give too many details here of my ideas but I do not wish to use grants. I am unable to fund it wholly on my own. Any thoughts, ideas or areas to look at and research would be appreciated. Cheers Julie

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Wholesale pricing for my product in NYC

Hi my name is Tracey Thompson I’m about to launch a Luxury Bridal Compendium in NYC in October @leeffectofficial then on to Sydney in November, I’m having a really difficult time on wholesale pricing for stockists in the USA, I’m not able to put 100% markup for myself to enable the stockists to then receive a 100% markup for themselves, I want my product to sell and to be a success, I also have to take into consideration the taxes and import duty etc what is you advise to me? I have spent 600K developing this product and 4 years of my life HELP!!! Warm Regards Tracey 0417 937 987

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I'm developing 2 products , can I get any feedback on

The product is a way to release water Pressure from a bore to take the weight of water out of the pipes, starting at 50 to 100 meters, to give you an idea of weight at 50 meters in excess of 100 kgs of water, when you are trying to service a bore, it can be back breaking work. Is there some way to get feedback, Thank you for your time. Regards Wayne.

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Hi Mentors

I'm trying to find out if people are interested in a new product to help farmers and land holders, fire fighters, collect water from any water source available, particularly when you have little option where you throw your suction hose into, you are unable to see into the water, mud, sand, gravell, weed, block flow, block pumps , Empellors,