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Exit Strategy?

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I have built this site

I have built this site and it is in a stalemate mode due to lack of competent business direction and web and app development expertise , How can I get this off the ground

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Time poor, do I sell or look for a parter to share the load.

We are small fire protection business who have been making a 25% profit margin for several years now. I love the business and it services but I am finding it hard to make time for family and personal goals. I am the director and manager but also work a second full time job. Of late I am finding I am losing touch with the business and its direction and I am getting frustrated. I have a good team and have considered having my senior tech running the business, but that takes him away from his main role. I am worried about the legal obligations and I have a fear of my team making a mistake where I will personally suffer. The business is located on my residential property so I find it hard to get away from it when needed. Should cash in my chips and put the business on their market, or relocate the business from their property and look to have someone else navigate?

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What do you see as the biggest challenge/mistake you see most small businesses make when trying to grow a team?

I am keen to understand what trends you see for small business trying to grow teams and talent? We develop mentoring, coaching and goal setting software and are keen to understand how we can better service small business.

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How do I best promote my new website?

After closing the bricks and mortar store for our gift shop at the end of the lease due to non commercial viability of lease terms for proposed new lease, we have developed a website and it is very new only being online for 2 weeks now. We have invested in some SEO which we fully understand is a long term investment, but with the launch of the website, I am seeking advice on the best method to promote the site?

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Employee time tracking

Hi, I run a small domestic and commercial cleaning business; have done for just over two years. I’ve seen great growth in that time and currently have four casual staff. My situation is I cannot physically be at every job to guarantee the proper work hours are being done by staff. I have discovered that at least one employee has been dishonest with time sheet info, adding a little here and there. Can you recommend a good time tracker app or any advise? Thanks in advance!

Start Up

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How do i build our cleaning business to the next level

Been in business for 10 years want to move to thr next level We are online and local area marketing in gawler now how do a grow . Do you think email marketing is the way to go.

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How would you advise the best way to get out of obscurity when you feel it's perceived your the same as all the others

Firstly thank you for the opportunity to engage like minded Professionals such as those represented within this forum. Just over 1 year ago I was approached and encouraged to start my own company selling and supporting a solution that I almost walked away from due to the conditions I was under working for someone who also represents the same solution within a dealer capacity. The company that's responsible for the product and solution operates via a dealer framework within Australia. Within just 12 months I have managed to achieve the highest level of accreditation awarded by the company and by all measures have exceeded expectations however I find myself operating in an industry that is flooded by competitors all claiming to be the best at what they do. Unfortunately the industry I operate in is currently unregulated and until this changes I feel I'm responsible for further education on related topics to ensure Australian businesses actually have the best opportunity 2 gainmthe ROI attainable from this solution. I have picked clients that upon engagement can justify the value proposition I represent and facilitate via my company however gaining new business is very hard and I feel it shouldn't be. In my experience perception is reality and I believe the perception most have that have a requirement for the solution I represent is that they're all the same and continually chase for who is prepared to offer it the cheapest. I have picked up nearly 1 new client every month that had previously with another supplier based on the fact they were the cheapest however during their contract they finally learnt that saying you can do something can sometimes greatly differ to actually doing something. Like most business owners I'm sure I'm also truly passionate about what it is I deliver but I'm at a point where I'm struggling to get my brand my service my point of difference my message out to those I know have a requirement for it directly. I and my future clients are forced to struggle through much before having the opportunity to meet directly allowing each to discuss their wants and needs listening to each other's requirements that allow qualification that the solution I represent would work well based on x y z being met. After the value proposition is realised on boarding deployment and the after sales service management process is easy it's just getting the opportunity to actually get to that point in the first place is very difficult and if I can receive any guidance or help relating to this I'd be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read my situation above, time is the most valuable commodity anyone can have in this world and is something that we can not ever get back so I'm mindful of what time I take from those engaged.

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We are struggling to find a cost effective CRM for a small business wanting to Franchise, with 2 failed attempts already

We have spent approx $26,000 already with 2 CRM systems that have not worked for us. It seems they have not really listened to our needs, have many glitches right from the start or data just disappears & we are back to double handling information. Front line staff have lost faith & We are back to using a manual booking method for our job scheduling & Outlook. As Business management we are pulling our hair out as its a timely exercise with meetings then training, costs only to find they fail miserably. We are looking for a simple to follow job scheduling, calendar, photo or plan uploads for users, timesheets, 'outlook' integrated, Many users capability with restrictions & able to roll over into an accounting software like MYOB to save time in accounts with invoicing (if possible) We would consider changing to Xero if it worked more effectively with the system. It needs to be able to work on laptop, tablet & mobile. Cloud based & cost effective. Any suggestions of Brands or Apps for the job booking service in construction Industry with good reviews would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Mentor !!!!

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How do I find a partner/s or investors to purchase the land needed for this unique and exciting village development.

16 Years ago my partner and I were at Caudalie, a beautiful French winery and spa. Conversation got around to "Where would we like to move to when we feel that we are ready to move into a "retirement community?" There isn't one that we would like. So we started to design the unique ultimate village that will provide the ultimate lifestyle for us, (both architects) in fact for everyone, especially for retiring farmers who have never been catered for anywhere in the world, and for all generations. This is the first generation in human history where the elderly have been gated away from the rest of the community!! We don't like that. Here are our rules: Each of the 400+/- lots in the village will have a backyard private vineyard, an aquaponic fish tank / herb garden, and nature strip fruit trees. The village will have a community winery and micro brewery. Learn to make your own private label wine and beers. Everything to be planted has to be edible and to be shared by the community through the Produce Market in the Piazza to be surrounded by restaurants, coffee shop, organic butcher, organic bakery, Gelati bar, alternative medical clinic and travel agent. There will be a gym, swimming pool, auditorium and fabulous spa. There will be an organic farm managed by the farmer retirees., and organic food school. The purchase of a lot will include a free RAVEN, a little electric powered 2 seater car for getting around the village. There will be a car pool, and landing place for future drone cars... they are coming soon! A low cost hotel will accommodate guests of residents and the public. The Peace House will cater for religious and other functions. We need $2m to $6m to buy the 100 to 200 acres of beautiful land we have found. There is potential net profit of $10m to $15m. You can see the plan of one Vineyard Village on then go to Vineyard Village at Leopold. How do we get funding to get the first of many villages started?

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Search Engine Optimisation

I’m so swamped with information on what to do with SEO for my online business. I have limited budget to spend but this is crucial. What’s your main bit of advice for SEO for online stores ?