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how do i improve my business

currently own a franchise, it has been 7 months since taking over. at the started we had amazing staff and team then ,headoffice pretty much took all of our staff and manager and left us to find a new team, we went from making 20 thousand a week to now 10 on a good week! no help with training new staff from franchise or help on how to improve our business! with sales ect we are left stuck and dont know how to pick it up! have lost 80% of clients due to the change and staff turnover! any advice on how to fix it?

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How can grow my business while living in rural QLD?

Hi, I have started a business where I take Australian grown fruit & veg and make a gourmet range of condiments. We do take online sales but mainly would like to build and work with wholesale customers. My problem is I live and run my business on our family cattle property up here in North QLD. Dropping the kids off at school and going around to the businesses I would like to stock my products is not an option right now. I have got a good amount of businesses using and stocking my products in our local town and in some other parts of QLD but would really love to grow my business even more. So I guess I'm wondering is it possible to really grow my business from home or is getting out into the big cities going to be the only way? And if it is possible is there some coaching program I can do that would best help me in my position, as I do believe getting some coach or training is going to be an important investment for myself and my business. Thank you Cheers Jodie

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How do I be found

Hi there, Little Kids Business is an online Platform representing just over 100 Brands in the children's space. Being a double-sided Marketplace I have two clients. I am proud to have encouraged so many Brands to join me and be found collectively. I outsource SEO, Google Shopping and Youtube advertising which is expensive. I am also marketing in other areas of the children's space and have a media centre on Press loft in an effort to gain Press Coverage. We have gained a product here and there in the press however this has not driven sales. We are just about to start selling our gift vouchers through another business with a large database which may assist. We are only 9 months old and really only started to climb about three months ago however I expected more sales than I currently receive and I am wondering what else works for you?

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To finish Developing a Wild Life Education Centre and Animal refuge in the Blue Mountains

I need to finish developing a Wild Life Centre and need $80,000 to do so ; which financial institute would be the best to approach ?

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How do I book my seat for Mark's talk on 27th Feb 2019 in Sydney

Important that I go. I want to take advantage of the early bird offers but when I opened up the offer I couldn't see where exactly I could confirm my seat and pay for it. Please assist. Thank you

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Start-up in Perth

I'm hoping to speak with someone who's set up a business in Perth, WA and who's encountered and overcome similar challenges like: * Not having the weight / size of a big brand to win business (companies go with who they know) * Overcoming a mindset that almost relies on cost in place of value * Giving / paying things forward, not expecting anything in return - and meeting friction from people/companies who don't like this approach * The time it took to start seeing an uptick I've set up a business in the UK and it did well. It's not easy setting up a business anywhere, however, setting one up in Perth seems more difficult. I'd love to learn how people like doing business in Perth, along with any helpful tips someone can share. Coffee / lunch is on me. Thank you. Mark

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Product concept

Hi, I have a product concept however I have no knowledge or contacts for how I go about establishing if it is a profitable concept, manufacturing the concept and getting it on the shelves. From my initial research I don't see any identical product available in the market although there is one that does part of the function

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Need to revive our business

We opened 19 months ago. We were very busy at the start but we have shown a steady decline in sales since. We have expanded our menu and tried many things to bring customers but nothing seems to work. Although we have saved a lot of money in this time we are now at the point where the business only covers expenses for itself and our living costs. I fear if the current trend continues we will soon be at the point where it won't be able to support us. We don't understand why. Our shop looks great (50's style cafe), our food is tasty and gram for gram we're probably cheaper than McDonalds. Maybe there are too many places to eat in town but people used to come so why have they stopped? I would appreciate your help before we are forced to close. Thank you. Paul

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Where can I find a mentor who is knowledgeable in art galleries and online businesses?

I am in the process of setting up an online art gallery but I feel that my business would really benefit from a mentor who has experience with galleries and preferably quite knowledgeable about trading trading online. Any ideas where I might find such a magical being??

Start Up

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Raising our seed funding

I am require US$1.4 million to trigger our security token offering and I would like some ideas who to approach in Australia please?