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How to start small business with no money in bank only equity eg,house cars ?

How register business with trademark? no money in bank only equity gov,trust. eg,house cars,good credit rating played off 5 Loans. start making them?How

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Hi Garry, usually two main components to borrowing; (1) Can I service the debt? and (2) What can the lender secure against the debt. There is a 3rd component around credit history, but lets leave that for now. So, regarding the 1st point - in the case of a business this will usually be assessed via its operating history. If your just starting out, you'll obviously have no operating history. You do have equity in your home and car which might be appropriate security (for some but not all lenders) but if you don't have operating history, will be difficult to borrow - even with 3rd tier lenders. If you're really serious, your only option may be to sell those assets you have to extract the equity and fund the business using those funds.

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