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How do I market my business in a regional area?

I have just qualified as a food and wellness coach and counsellor. I can help clients with problems ranging from weight loss or healthy diet to managing stress, reducing anxiety, getting better sleep, or having a happier life. I live in a regional area and are not sure where to find clients who are willing to pay for this service (around the same cost as a physio or massage per session) and I find that many people dont actually know what a food and wellness coach is or does. I can see clients via Skype too and I have a good website where I am already doing blogs and I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have tried handing out brochures face to face at gyms or local clinics and I am currently running a free relaxation class for seniors. I would appreciate any advice about how to get new clients.

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PS. If you need help creating your Buyer Persona, email me and I can send you a worksheet that's really helpful for this process.

PS. If you need help creating your Buyer Persona, email me and I can send you a worksheet that's really helpful for this process.

Hi Helen. Gavin has given you some great ideas. Something else I'd suggest is creating your 'buyer persona'. This is basically what your ideal client(s) looks like. Once you are really clear on who your ideal client is you'll be able to tailor your marketing message directly to them. Kind regards, Sarah Stein

Hi Helen, I can put in you touch with an expert who will give you a free 15 minute chat on a very important aspect of your business (this is a very important priority) and that is redefining your title (what you do) and standing out. If you are interested, please email me on All the best. Regards Jeff Gordon, Financial Accounting Advisor, Prestige SME Business Solutions

Hi Helen, it sounds like you're already doing a great job at marketing yourself. A few things to think about which might help: In the space that you're in, one of the big challenges can be that you are competing against other health professionals whose clients may be able to access Medicare or private health rebates so initially your pricing may have to reflect that. For that reason I would think about who your ideal client is and what is your 'niche' area (and then focus your marketing around places and spaces that those people are likely to be both in reality and online)? You might want to do some research into what the biggest health needs are in your community (ie is obesity a greater problem than diabetes etc). As it seems you're doing already, thinking about where you can partner in your local community is also a good idea eg. presenting free seminars etc, working with other health professionals who don't have training around food. More generally, have you had someone help you with SEO on your website? It's great to have a good website but (as I learnt the hard way!) it's no good having a great website if it's not even ranking on Google! I'm sure some of the other Mentors can point you in the right direction on that one. Using Google Adwords and Facebook advertising can be quite inexpensive and effective but again if it isn't your area you need someone to show you at least how to set it up properly so its not costing you hundreds of dollars. Lastly, do you have a way to test which of your marketing avenues are actually working (eg. simply asking a client "How did you find me?" and recording that)? Then you can be confident that what you are doing actually works. Good luck!

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