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How do I improve the relationship with our Franchisor?

18 months ago I purchased a new Franchise, it hasn't turned out to be the picture that we were painted. Business is doing ok in a general sense, however my biggest issue Im struggling with at the moment, is the poor relationship between myself and the Franchisor. There are specific issues that need to be sorted regarding the actual business and building yet I feel the main/ first item that needs addressing is the inability to communicate affectively.
I have a HR background and I feel I can communicate well with people, I understand active listening and compromise etc etc. I am just really struggling to effectively communicate or work well with the Franchisor for some reason. We just go round and round in circles and Im seeing a whole different side to the Franchisor then when we were in initial discussions about purchasing the franchise.
HELP ! Im sick of spending my time and energy on trying to fix this and still not getting anywhere . I should be investing all my energy and time into growing my business.
I just dont know where to turn to for support on making this better.

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Hi Kylie
There are a few things raised in your question. It seems that the relationship is consuming you and our time and stifling the business growth. Assuming you can operate independently from the master franchise and do your own thing despite them that should be your first priority. In other words you said "business is going ok" . How much can you do to improve your business ? There seem to be a few issues in the relationship - The projections were not accurate, there are technical issues and both are leading to relationship issues. The latter is the most critical, given that these sound operational and affecting your ability to run the business. I would break the issues down into bite size chunks - i.e. approach them on one specific operational issue - an deal with that. Its a bit like the advice to runners going up a hill - dont look at the top of the hill look a few feet in front of you and then suddenly you will be at the top of the hill. Perhaps the Franchisor is seeing a mountain of issues and human nature is to avoid the mountain. Additionally when you present a mountain of things some of the issues get clouded.
Taking the focused approach should (not sure on where the relationship is sitting) help to deal with one issue at a time and get those out of the way.
Hope that helps

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