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How do I improve my online business

I am unsure where to next with my SEO for my online business. I have just finished 3 months and debating the fourth month. I understand it takes 3months for results however I see more buys from email campaigns and social media.....I have limited budget and new stock (indented) coming this month
What are your thoughts and any advice on SEO for my online store -

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Hello. You have a beautifully presented site and social networks. And great followings in Instagram and Facebook, so well done on that. Are you capturing customer's contant information and re-marketing to them via email and/or SMS? This is a great way to stay in front of your past customers. In terms of SEO, this can be quite a complicated area. Have you defined your buyers persona? What their search phrases are? From there you can scrult your SEO in such a way to be more likely to show up in searches for them. For example, rather than having a search phrase of "handbags", your search phrase could be "women's beach bags". That's not the best example, but you get the idea, and it will narrow the search of your buyer and bring you to the front if that's one of your target phrases. I'd also recommend having descriptions against your products rather than just a name and a price. Then each item/page can be SEO'ed with the appropriate search phrase. Remember that SEO is a slow burn and happens over time after you've done the ground work well - optimising your sight for your target market and your target phrases. Another thing to consider is Google advertising, and then possibly Facebook remarketing. Have you ever talked about a product or searched a website and then that very thing has popped up wherever you are online? That's remarketing. Another thing to consider could be backlinks to your site - these are other credible sites who have links back to your site, and Google will then push your credibility higher. It could be with any number of the free market places where you can list your business, or with affiliate sites, or other websites who have a complimentary product and they're happy to promote your site. There's a lot more to an online presence than just SEO. Have you also got a marketing plan? This might be another good option so that you can develop a plan and target your marketing, rather than be hit-and-miss and reactive. Happy to chat further. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Sarah Stein.

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