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How do I improve customer service?

We currently offer a high level of customer service in a small shopfront business however we are always interesting in proving our customers experience. I have been looking at customer service courses for our staff (only 3 in total) but am unsure which ones are good & current. I only have a small budget for training so don't want to waste on irrelevant information.

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Hi Sue. Another great option for gathering customer feedback is via Typeform. The answers can go straight back into your customer database. Having a customer database is another thing that you should consider - keeping in touch with your customers is super important to improve engagement and loyalty. Another thing that may seem a little out of the box is developing Core Values with your team. This is a really valuable exercise which promtes teamwork within your team and gets you all on the same page. If you'd like further information about that, I'm happy to chat with you further. Kind regards, Sarah Stein. Mobile: 0402 811 088.

I agree with Kelly, and it sounds as if you have an engaged team of service staff already, Sue, that will respond well to further development. As a starting point, do you think you and your team could ask customers to rate the customer service they receive - directly with a short 3-5 questionnaire or via a Survey Monkey link anonymously - to drive CX improvement? It would help you focus training program design and demonstrate to your customers that - for you - good service is never enough.

Hi Sue, can you do on the job training? for example one of your best customer service staff members training the staff members that need the improvements? Courses are great but on the job training can be highly effective too. Kelly at Business Simplicity

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