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Exit Strategy?

How do I find the RIGHT investor?

I have been running my business for 2 years now manufacturing my own range of wellness products which I have been selling to over 70 shops across Australia including creating products for other big companies. I know that I have had one of those mind blowing ideas that will take off and create a huge success, the problem is I don't want to do it by half and by doing it in full I would require more funding than I have. I quite like the idea of investors as I already have one investor who found me when I was still creating products in my kitchen and had only started doing markets. I have since come across several who wanted to invest in by business, however, I want to find the right investor, someone who understand my idea - who sees the value in it and who is as passionate as me to grow the business while being able to help me gain knowledge and information around growing and marketing a business this large. (I would think of competitors like Lush and The Body Shop when they were at the early stages ) Although my idea is entirely different from theirs. I keep my idea quite private due to the risk of someone "taking it" So how do I find THAT person?

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