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Hi there, Little Kids Business is an online Platform representing just over 100 Brands in the children's space. Being a double-sided Marketplace I have two clients. I am proud to have encouraged so many Brands to join me and be found collectively. I outsource SEO, Google Shopping and Youtube advertising which is expensive. I am also marketing in other areas of the children's space and have a media centre on Press loft in an effort to gain Press Coverage. We have gained a product here and there in the press however this has not driven sales. We are just about to start selling our gift vouchers through another business with a large database which may assist. We are only 9 months old and really only started to climb about three months ago however I expected more sales than I currently receive and I am wondering what else works for you?

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Hi Leisa. Congratulations on the successful launch of your business. Your website looks great - easy to navigate, nice lead magnet, call to action above the fold, you've clearly identified who your target market is. And it looks like you've done a great job on the social media side too. You mentioned you outsource your SEO. What are your key word phrases? Do you know what the search stats are on those phrases? Are you seeing reports with your ranking results? There are some tools you can download that tell you the number of searches certain phrases generate. In my experience you cannot 'cheat' Google, but it does take a focused strategy to produce good results. Can you collaborate with other sites that have the same target market as you but are not in direct competition? Or advertise on the sites where mums hang out (these will most likely be your buyer) such as Mamamia, Stay at Home Mum, Brisbane Kids, Finder? Do you have a business plan? A marketing plan? What was your expected growth by this stage if you haven't reached it? Sometimes you're doing all the right things, and it just takes time for your business to be established. I'm happy to have a chat with you further. Kind regards, Sarah Stein.

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