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Hi I would like to double my client base. I have tried numourous avenues over the years and have found that our refer a friend program has been the best. However I am open to other forms if I can gain a positive return from them.

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Hi Jenna, Please contact William Siebler who is a Mentor on this site. Your challenges are his expertise. Regards Jeff Gordon, Prestige SME Business Solutions.

Hi Jenna
Thanks for your question. Are you able to say more about your industry/business as that will have some relevance to how you attract clients? Doubling your client base is a great goal and I’m wondering if you have considered whether you have the people and systems to accommodate that kind of growth? Great marketing is really important however if you can’t retain/service those clients then you’re unfortunately wasting your money.
I’m assuming you are using most of the standard methods such as Adwords and social media and maybe some others. ‘Refer a friend’ programs can work very well and it is easy to track their success if you’re handing out vouchers or something similar. However, are you tracking your other sources? This would be the only sure way to know that ‘refer a friend’ is actually the most successful.
Lastly, do you know what type of clients you are trying to attract? Who is your ‘ideal’ client (the type of client you really want to work with)? When you know this, some of the most effective marketing methods might be self-evident as they will reflect the places/spaces where that kind of client is.
Good luck!

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