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Distributing agreements for Europe ?

We have a potential distributor in Belgium who is wanting to know what the terms and aggreements would be. We have never had an offer like this put forward to us. Is it A) a good idea to go down this route to expand and B) who would be the best place to go to for contract and advice? We are wanting to expand our market place into the world (currrently we are already exporting to America and the UK) but needing advice and mentor ship as it is unchartered waters for us .

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Hi Peta. Congratulations, and that sounds like a very exciting offer. I see it's a few days since your post and unfortunately I can't give you anything concrete other than to say, did you speak to a legal professional to get your terms and conditions drawn up for your existing export markets? Maybe that would be a good place to start? It's important to ensure your documentation and processes are up to scratch, particularly when working with international markets. Good luck! Kind regards, Sarah Stein. Mobile: 0402 811 088.

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