Collaboration is king: Joey Scandizzo

Joey Scandizzo talks to Mark Bouris about his process for developing his hair care products

01 June 2018

Joey Scandizzo is the founder of Eleven Australia - a hair care product selling all around the world, in addition to his successful hair salon group.

Joey and Mark discussed his process of making the products - keeping his team environment as trusted and collaborative as possible.

“We’ve got a guy in marketing, someone in distribution, and our creative team, and we had a think-tank every week where we’d talk to work out what were doing,” Joey said.

“We’d brainstorm ideas and make sure that we could all be brutally honest - we’d put everything in the middle and then talk about things and dismiss ideas that didn’t work and make sure nobody took it personally.”

Watch the full video above to see how Joey Scandizzo works to create his products.