How do you keep your staff living your brand?

Mark Bouris sits down with Joey Scandizzo to keep your staff working according to your brand values.

29 May 2018

Once your business gets to the stage where you have multiple locations, the big question becomes - how do you make sure your brand message is the same at every location?

That’s the question Mark Bouris asks Joey Scandizzo, who has 11 storefront hair dressing salons and his own product range, Eleven Australia.

“The culture is the most important thing - that you live and breathe the same message,” Joey said.

“And also the training and education at every salon is consistent - everyone learns how we cut, how we style, how we finish hair and how we present ourselves in the salon.”

“You’re never too old or too experienced to come to training night

Key takeaways:
-Become a master of delegating otherwise you’ll never get anything done
-Training and education is vitally important to keep your staff on-brand
-Culture is the most important thing