Being in the business of recruiting hairdressers

Jaye Edwards and Mark Bouris talk about the challenge of recruiting and retaining quality staff

28 May 2018

Jaye Edwards successfully found his path not in the business of hairdressing - but in the business of training and recruiting hair stylists.

“I don’t do that much hair anymore, I do a lot of hiring and education, which is absolutely key to growing my business,” Jaye said.

“Which I’ll continue to do to educate more people, and then grow my business even more.”

“If we put a job ad up, if you’re telling them what you’re giving them - education, more annual leave, the incentives, they’re going to want to work for you.”

In addition to the recruitment process, new applicants at Edwards and Co are asked to do a skills test.

“We get them to do a skills test and show us what they’re good at - and if they’re not good at what they think they’re good at, they’re not going to be any good.”