The How-Tos of a Product Range

Joey Scandizzo from Eleven Australia gives advice on making a range of products

28 May 2018

Joey Scandizzo is a successful hair stylist - but he’s also developed his own product range, Eleven Australia hair care.

His advice for getting into the product business is simple: be prepared to put in hard work.

Some products could take six months to develop and others two years, and involved working with a chemist on improving over repeated tests to reach the desired outcome.

When it comes to marketing them, Joey’s package design brief was to be simple.

“We decided to colour code them so it could be easy,” Joey said.

“If it was the wife shopping for her husband and he would say ‘I use the blue tub’ then the it made colour-coding names very easy.”

Key takeaways:
-Find what types of products are important to your brand and establish a ‘hero product’
-Be prepared for testing and development to take awhile to get right
-Branding is equally as important as the product itself