Should your business use contractors or employees?

Jaye Edwards talks about his approach to staff at Edwards and Co.

28 May 2018

It’s a common challenge among business owners, particularly in the industry: should you use contractors or employees during growth?

Jaye Edwards, founder of Edwards and Co hair salons, says there are advantages to using both.

“I initially opened the salons with contractors, looking for a way to be able to give them financial freedom to not limit the money they could make,” Jaye said.

“Depending on what they could bring the business, it would determine whether I would take 30, 40 or 50 percent commission.”

When his situation changed and the salons grew, Jaye used a combination of both contractors and employees.

“When I opened a few salons I had to backfill with employees, and didn’t want to cap their earning either,” he said.

“So I put a commission on everything, whether it it was retail, extensions, services, everything I could I put a commission on so they could earn as much as they could.”