QuickBooks: Helping Wayward Brewery

How Peter at Wayward Brewery keeps his business financials on track, by using QuickBooks Online.

25 May 2018

Wayward Brewery has two guidelines for brewing. They’re adventurous. And they produce beers they love to drink.

With around 35 beers per year, you could visit the brewery fortnightly, and try a different beer each time. ‘We love beer and we love teaching people about beer. We’re turning people ‘on’ to the flavours of beer’ says Peter.

A passionate traveller, Peter first developed his love of beer with real ale in England. ‘I just couldn’t get those beers in Australia, so I had to make them myself’, he shrugs. It started as a backyard enterprise for his friends, and developed into a passion for crafting different styles.

He’s been an entrepreneur since age 18, so it was a natural step to transform this beer passion into a business. The costs are enormous. Investment is high. ‘So we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it.’ And they need to keep a very firm handle on the financial side of the business to be successful.

‘Keeping a handle on finances is absolutely crucial’ says Peter. He uses QuickBooks Online to keep his finger on what’s happening with the financials on a day to day basis. ‘We’re a nimble progressive business and to have an accounting product that can keep up is amazing.’

Peter particularly likes the mobile app, because he’s on the road a lot.

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