How Sonoma landed Sydney’s biggest restaurants

Hear from Andrew Connole with Mark Bouris about how Sonoma bread ended up in Sydney’s biggest restaurants.

17 May 2018

Sonoma bread is featured in restaurants such as Aria, Quay, Tetsuya’s , and more. It’s founder, Andrew Connole, sat down with Mark Bouris on set of The Mentor to talk about how he got there.

For Andrew, it was all about adapting to change.

“Matt Moran [Aria chef] called me in 2004 and said he wanted dinner rolls - we had never done dinner rolls, we only did loaves,” Andrew said.

“So I went in for a meeting and told him that I would give him 100% sourdough dinner rolls, and bake them myself and personally deliver them to him each afternoon.”

“And that was the impetus behind the relationship - and then I expanded from just driving to one restaurant to everywhere and they all took it.”

Key takeaways:
-Instead of imitating other products and bakers, Andrew was an innovator
-There’s never a mark on the calendar as to when things are going to fall into place, but sticking to principles and never compromising on the product helps.